Kaley Cuoco Says Her Pregnancy Was Written Last Minute Into Her 'Based on a True Story' Role (Exclusive)

Kaley Cuoco
Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The show will explore America's obsession with true crime and serial killers.

Kaley Cuoco's pregnancy isn't slowing her down! The 37-year-old actress is once again starring in a Priceline Super Bowl commercial this year and is also taking on the role of Ava Bartlett in Peacock's upcoming show, Based on a True Story.

Cuoco's latest TV series will explore America's obsession with true crime and serial killers, and she tells ET's Deidre Behar that her pregnancy was written into the show pretty last minute.

"When I signed on for [Based on a True Story,] I was obviously not pregnant and it was written very differently," she reveals. "We're getting started to shoot, we're talking literally a month or two out, I met with the producers and I was like, 'Um, what do you think about writing this character pregnant?'"

Cuoco says "crazily enough, they wrote it in." 

"It ended up being such an interesting part of this show. The show is so funny and so wacky and so strange," she teases of the series. "The best part about it for me is I get to be pregnant, eat whatever. I get to wear the most comfortable clothes, everyone treats me like a queen. I had, like, 17 different chairs on set. If you're working up until the end of your third trimester, which I am, this was the way to do it. Obviously this is the first time in my life I've ever done this, so they've really taken care of me and amazingly enough, I actually think it's a great part of the show."

Cuoco further teases her character on Based on a True Story, telling ET, "Chris Messina plays my husband. We play this crazy couple who has this baby on the way and we're dealing with an insane situation in our lives. It's very funny and completely wacky and dark. My perfect kind of tone -- a dark comedy but it's been a blast."

She adds of her time on the set of the Peacock series, "I'm just super grateful to this group who wrote this in very last minute. I love that this character has been written in such a way that we didn't change a lot because she was pregnant. I mean that in a way of she's still wearing crop tops, she goes to the pool, there's a lot of, like, sex and there's all this crazy stuff. We didn't change anything 'cause she's pregnant. We felt like she's still the same person and nothing should change because you're pregnant. I actually feel good. I've been doing this for so long, I think it's going to be interesting for people to see me play this new phase in life and just being very open about it."

Cuoco also addresses whether this new show means the end of her HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant. "We're still talking to our kind of group of producers and writers and trying to see if we can come up with something super special for a possible season 3," she says. "It's definitely not decided. ...I'm so proud of that show and it'd be amazing to do a third season if we have the right kind of path on how to get there. We're just not quite sure yet -- but never say never."

And as for her Priceline spot, Cuoco shares that this will be her 10th year with the company. When asked about her happy place, which falls in line with the theme of her Priceline spot, Cuoco shares that her "happy place is definitely at work."

"This was the first time in 10 years I've been pregnant doing a Priceline commercial," she notes. "...I think over the last few commercials that we've done, we've really tried to up the comedy."

What's also changed this time around is the actress' newfound love of football. "I've become a massive football fan over the past, I would say, couple of years," Cuoco tells ET, noting that this commercial spot means more to her because she'll be into the game itself. "...I will definitely be in front of the TV, having friends over. And if the commercial comes up, that will feel very cool."

Cuoco also admits that it was Tom Pelphrey, her partner and the father-to-be of her first child, that got her excited for the sport. "Tom is so obsessed with football and his team is the [New York] Giants. When I met him, it was kind of like, 'Here are my loves: you, my career and football.' So I had to kind of learn. I loved football before that, but not on this level."

Super Bowl LVII will have the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, Feb. 12. The big game begins at 6:30 p.m. ET and will air on Fox.