Kaley Cuoco Isn't Onboard For Season 3 of 'The Flight Attendant' Yet, She'd 'Need a Minute'

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Kaley Cuoco has some bad news for The Flight Attendant fans. Just days after the hit HBO Max show's season 2 finale, Cuoco told People that there are currently no plans for a third season.

"Now I'm like, 'We did two. We should probably be done.' And I think I've been outnumbered with that thought," Cuoco, who stars in and executive produces the series, shared. "There's definitely interest in doing a third season. I think for me, at this moment, the plane has landed."

While she's not yet ready to step aboard another Imperial Atlantic flight, Cuoco did say that after some time away, she "could possibly get back in it."

"I think I need a minute. I just kind of feel like we just ended," she said. "Some of my favorite shows on TV take some time to come back, and then I get very excited about a new season. I want to make sure that the fans are excited and that we're not pushing it too hard."

Adding, "I mean, we've done so much this season. Even in the eight episodes, we've done so much story that I'm thinking, 'Well, what could we do next?' So, it's going to take a lot of thought to make sure if we go back that it's better than the last two, which is very hard to do."

The best part about season 2's finale, Cuoco told the outlet, is that it could be done but that it also leaves room for the show to continue.

"I think the writers and the team did a really beautiful job in tying it up in a pretty bow," she noted. "But if you had to open the bow, it would be okay."

If The Flight Attendant were to return for a third season, Cuoco said she'd want the focus to be on her character, Cassie Bowden's sobriety journey.

"That is what her life is truly about and those are her struggles, but I don't know. I think it's going to take us a minute to figure out what that would look like," Cuoco said. "And also, because our show is international, where would we go? It's all about the travel on this show, which makes it so special."

ET spoke to Cuoco Thursday at the show's FYC event about the possibility of the series getting some awards season recognition and what it would mean for her to get another Emmy nom.

"Listen, all that matters is the show gets some love," Cuoco maintained. "The show is what this is all about. We've had some amazing performances across the board this season, and I'm just so proud of what we did, the show as a whole."

She continued, "I think that's what was so exciting about season 1. Getting the nomination was so cool, but to have the whole of the show recognized -- that was huge. That was really a big deal."


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