Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares How She Really Feels About 'The Bachelorette' Having Two Leads

The shared-lead format has been a topic of debate amongst Bachelor Nation.

Kaitlyn Bristowe isn't a fan of having two leading ladies on The Bachelorette. The 37-year-old former franchise lead live-tweeted Monday night's episode of the series, and, while doing so, revealed her opinion on having both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia be the Bachelorette.

"I f**kkkkin hate this," Bristowe wrote at the start of the episode, before expanding on her thoughts in a follow-up tweet.

"Am I being dramatic??" she questioned. "I cannot believe they are doing this to these women, and to the men. #TheBachelorette"

Bristowe's tweets came a week after she shared a gif of Friends' Phoebe Buffay pretending to stab something. "This will be me if they at any point they put the women against each other," she wrote alongside the gif.

The two-lead season has been the subject of much debate among Bachelor Nation alums in recent weeks. Last month, Andi Dorfman told ET that she was "bummed" by the dual casting.

"It gives me a little sexist vibe there that I don't really love," she said. "...  I don't really love the fact that two women have to share the screen. I think we've progressed a little further. It's 2022... I  want each girl to have it for themselves. It is such an incredible thing. It's not to say it can't be shared, but again, I don't know."

Becca Tilley, meanwhile, told ET, "If they do it the right way, and they're not pitted against each other, I'm all for it. I think they know that's what we're all hoping for. I hope that they both find their love story."

JoJo Fletcher was perhaps the most onboard of the three, telling ET she's "very excited" about the prospect.

Shortly thereafter, ET spoke to even more members of Bachelor Nation, and Becca Kufrin said that she considers herself to be "in the middle" of the debate.

"It would be so nice going through this season with a girlfriend who completely understands what you're going through in that moment," she said. "... There's already enough drama on the show itself, with the contestants, that I would hate to see any drama between the women."

Bryan Abasolo told ET that he believes the "camaraderie" of the two women is "going to help them out tremendously," during their journey, while Mike Johnson, his Talking It Out co-host, said the concept is "not sexist whatsoever" in his view.

Meanwhile, the Click Bait hosts were all for the new format, with Joe Amabile calling the two-lead season "so fun," Tia Booth predicting "double the excitement," and Natasha Parker stating that it would provide "more love" for viewers.

Ahead of the season premiere, host Jesse Palmer tried to allay some of Bachelor Nation's concerns, assuring ET in an interview that the women will "absolutely [be] supporting each other more so than competing."

"This is a very unique situation and there’s a lot of relationships that Rachel and Gabby have to navigate at the same time, which at times can pose challenges," he said. "But I think the important thing at the end is that they both have their sights set on finding love, hopefully being engaged at the end of this journey, and it is quite the ride to get there."

As for how Windey and Recchia feel about the whole thing, they were happy to have a friend along for the ride.

"A lot of it was trial and error, Rachel and I working together, listening to ourselves, figuring out what was best for both of us," Gabby told ET. "We had lots of hard discussions and, ultimately, I think just followed our hearts."

"This is just so different from anything everyone’s ever seen," Recchia added. "Not only do they get to see two love stories, but they get to see our friendship as well, so I’m excited for them to kind of get an inside on that as well as the love stories, it’s just gonna be really great."

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC. Keep up with the historic season by following along with ET's coverage of the series.



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