Julia Roberts Wants to Help 'Real Housewives' Star Garcelle Beauvais Find a Boyfriend (Exclusive)

ET spoke with both Roberts and Beauvais at HISTORYTalks 2022 in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

Julia Roberts is looking to play matchmaker! The Oscar-winning actress is apparently a big Real Housewives fan and is looking out for Garcelle Beauvais' love life.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and the Ticket to Paradise star both spoke with ET's Deidre Behar on the carpet at the HISTORYTalks 2022 event in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, and they both addressed Beauvais' romantic status.

"I just met Julia Roberts, she said 'Oh my god, I need to find you a boyfriend. I'm invested in this,' and I said, 'Oh my god, I can just die now. I don't even need the boyfriend,'" Beauvais marveled on the carpet, excited to have a newfound movie star friend and potential cupid.

Beauvais added, 'She said 'I need a moment' when she saw me, and I was like 'You? I need a moment!'"

As it turns out, Beauvais' love life really was on Roberts' mind. As she came onto the carpet, she addressed the reality star's comments and exclaimed, "She needs a boyfriend!"

When asked if there's anyone she has in mind, Roberts replied, "No, but I'm going to be thinking about it all day."

Speaking of matchmakers and romance, Roberts recently returned to the romcom genre with her new film, Ticket to Paradise, in which she stars opposite longtime friend George Clooney -- who was also at the HISTORYTalks 2022 gala with wife Amal Clooney.

Reflecting on their friendship, Roberts gushed, "It's just really meaningful. We're both devoted friends and our lives kind of evolved in parallel, and so now our families are quite devoted to each other and it's really nice."

As for Ticket to Paradise -- which is set to hit theaters Oct. 21 -- Roberts said there's "no way of knowing" if she has more rom-com projects in her future.

"It's a difficult genre to get right and to find a good script. So, I'm always open and available," she shared. "But this one came about, and with George as my partner, it was pretty delicious."

Check out the video below to hear more from Clooney at the HISTORYTalks event to hear what their friendship means to him.