Julia Louis-Dreyfus Compares GOP House Speaker Deadlock to 'Veep'

The actress poked fun at the unusual battle going down in Washington.

Life imitating art. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is pointing out how -- yet again -- real U.S. politics is mirroring the outlandish comedy of her iconic series, Veep.

The actress took to Instagram on Sunday to share a snapshot of an exasperated Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy emphatically gesticulating to colleagues during the second day of contentious elections for Speaker of the House.

"If we don’t win an Emmy for this episode of @veephbo I’m leaving the TV Academy," Louis-Dreyfus quipped, comparing the unusual circumstances to her acclaimed sitcom.

To the show's credit, Veep won a whopping 17 Emmy Awards over its seven season run, and has often been credited for its prophetic vision of American politics -- particularly after the divisive election of Donald Trump in 2016.

As for McCarthy's struggle to become Speaker, the California republican was nominated by his party in November, but House rules dictate that he would need at least 218 votes to secure the position. As tensions grow and factions form within the GOP, McCarthy has not been able to get the votes required.

House rules also dictate that another vote is held as many times as needed for a candidate to earn more than half the total number of votes. McCarthy has thus far called for six straight votes and refuses to back down, despite the outcome remaining largely unchanged.

Shortly after Louis-Dreyfus' post, the House adjourned yet again on the second day of voting, meaning day three will begin the voting process over once more.