Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces 'Veep' Cast Will Be Reuniting for Virtual Table Read

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The celebrated actress revealed the news in a hilarious Instagram video on Tuesday.

The celebrated cast of Veep is reuniting to get out the vote in Georgia. Julia Louis-Dreyfus took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the news while also gifting fans with her hilarious Rudy Giuliani impression.

The announcement video began with a few scenes from a 2016 episode of Veep in which protesters are demanding a recount in a presidential election, while other counter-protestors demand that the recount be stopped. It's just one of the many eerily prophetic moments from the celebrated HBO political comedy.

"Over the last few weeks, many brave and patriotic Americans have come forward witnessing similarities between the ongoing election and the TV show Veep," Louis-Dreyfus says in voice over.

The actress then appears on screen for what appears to be a parody of Giuliani's recent press conference, in which she has streaks of hair dye running down the sides of her face, and thick, large glasses. She even models her cadence to lampoon the controversial attorney's somewhat unfocused train of thought.

"It's not just a singular example, but a pattern that repeats itself over and over. Literally thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of cases that, to any experienced investigator, prosecutor, this would suggest there was a plan from a centralized place specifically focused on Veep," she says. "Have you watched Veep? Have you? It's one of my favorites -- with the nice lady?"

"The original cast of Veep, plus some very special guests, will reunite for a virtual table read," she continues, explaining that the group will be reading their Emmy-winning episode "Mother," from which the vote counting protest scenes originate.

"2020 won't stop ripping off VEEP, so we had to do something about it," the caption to the video explains.

This Veep reunion comes just few months after they previously came together in October as part of a fundraiser for the Democratic party in Wisconsin.

The upcoming special live event is set to benefit America Votes, which seeks to increase political awareness and voter turnout for the upcoming US Senate run-off elections in Georgia.

The live virtual table read kicks off Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. ET, and fans can reserve their tickets for the live virtual event at ShowUpForGeorgia.com.