Jude Law Says Son Seeing Him as Hook in 'Peter Pan & Wendy' Will Be a 'Special Experience' (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET about taking on an iconic role in his new film.

For Jude Law, getting to play Captain Hook has been a long time coming -- and has a special significance for the Oscar-nominated star.

Law walked the carpet at the premiere of his new film, Peter Pan & Wendy, at the South Street Seaport Museum in New York City on Tuesday, and he spoke with ET about why playing Hook will have a unique meaning for his eldest son, 26-year-old Rafferty Law.

"I used to play as Hook opposite my son my eldest son, when he was a little boy," Law recalled fondly. "So we'd kind of already been there together. And for him, it'll be a really, really special experience, I think, seeing me actually as Hook."

Law said that, in general, when it comes to choosing parts, "I tend to do the parts for myself, and what I find interesting." 

"But it is definitely a bonus that that my children can see them," he added, referring to his latest role in the live-action Disney adaption, as well as his recent work in the Fantastic Beasts franchise and others.

As for taking on the role of Captain Hook, Law explained that a lot of work went into making the character unique for him, while maintaining the famous identity of the iconic villain.

"Well, every piece was an important element, you know? We thought long and hard about how to still use the very iconic colors and shapes but trying to give him his own [look]," Law said. "I was really pleased that we went for the period [accurate] and rather unusual naval hat as opposed to the big fancy hat that the cartoon Hook wore in the original Disney animated version."

As for which other iteration of Hook he felt most inspired by, Law joked, "I've probably stolen off all of them! I really couldn't choose."

"I mean, I love the animated [version]," Law shared, referring to the character originally voiced by Hans Conried in Disney's 1953 classic. "[And] obviously there was [Dustin] Hoffman and obviously there was Jason Isaac's. Both of them I loved."

Peter Pan & Wendy premieres Apr. 28 on Disney+.