Joseph Baena Reveals Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger's Reaction to His 'DWTS' Performances (Exclusive)

The 'DWTS' contestant and body builder welcomed ET to a rehearsal session for the upcoming Disney Night episode.

Joseph Baena is feeling the love from his famous father. The 25-year-old actor and fitness model has been consistently pulling off impressive performances on this season of Dancing With the Stars, and his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been watching all along.

Baena and his pro partner Daniella Karagach -- who returned this week after she'd been absent the last two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19 -- welcomed ET's Cassie DiLaura into the rehearsal studio for a little tease of what fans can expect in Monday's Disney Night dance.

The pair are planning to perform a Charleston set to "A Star Is Born" from Disney's Hercules, with Baena calling the routine something of a "full circle moment," as Schwarzenegger's first ever leading role was in 1970's Hercules in New York. The film sees the Austrian bodybuilder as the titular demigod.

"Also, you know, Hercules' dad is Zeus, and my dad just recently did a commercial in which he was Zeus," Baena added with a smile. "So, it’s kinda funny!"

"I keep surprising him," he continued. "He's watched the past three dances and he keeps saying, every week, he's like 'Jesus Christ, I can't even believe that you can move like that!' Because our family's not known for dancing, especially on my dad's side."

Baena said that he's always got spots reserved for his family in the audience, but since his dad's been traveling he's not sure if or when he'll be able to make an appearance in the studio.

"Hopefully, we can get him in here soon," he added. "But the main thing is we gotta make it to the next week, and then the next week! So [we have to] get the people voting!"

As for what fans can expect to see from the pair's Hercules-themed routine tonight?

"Muscles! Muscles and shirtless Hercules," Karagach teased.

"Basically, naked the whole time," Baena added with a laugh. "I thought there was a breast plate on Hercules, but not this time."

"They wanted him in the skirt, no pants. But we put the pants on. We're like, 'No, we're definitely having pants, just in case something happens,'" Karagach added.

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