Jon Bon Jovi Believes His Son Had a 'Mild Version' of Coronavirus (Exclusive)

Jon Bon Jovi believes his teenage son, Jacob, suffered from a 'mild version' of coronavirus.

Jon Bon Jovi believes his teenage son, Jacob, suffered from a "mild version" of coronavirus.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke to the 58-year-old singer via video chat on Friday about how he and his family have been holding up amid the coronavirus pandemic, and he said that his 17-year-old son, Jacob, had a form of COVID-19.

"The whole family is together, all the kids are here with us," Jon tells ET, referring to him and his wife, Dorothea. "We've been here 15 days now, not that I'm counting. Everyone here, Jake had a mild version of it just the intestinal kind."

Jon said Jacob was quarantined from the rest of the family, which includes his 26-year-old daughter, Stephanie, and his two sons, 25-year-old Jesse and 15-year-old Romeo. Thankfully, he said Jacob is feeling better after visiting with a private doctor.

"Dorothea created the quarantine zone, you know, with the laundry room being triaged and no one could go in there unless they had gloves and a mask and she had a bathrobe on backwards and different slippers," he shares. "But we kept him in there until all of the symptoms had cleared and now he's a hundred percent."

He noted that Jacob didn't actually get tested for coronavirus because it was "pretty difficult to get one."

"It stemmed from some of the young guys that we had taken in here that also tested, they were tested and tested positive and had the main symptoms but they had left, and so we just followed those same protocols," he explains.

Meanwhile, Jon is no stranger to giving back when it comes to the community, and he recently wrote a new song inspired by the coronavirus pandemic called "Do What You Can" and is asking fans to write a second verse.

He's already sung a few fan-written verses on Instagram that he's received.

"I've been the narrator throughout my career whether I've written the song or co-written the song, I've always been the voice of it, I'm the narrator," he says. "You know, these are the stories of the people so I thought this is an opportunity to share it with the people and even though I completed the song, I put the call out there, like a call to action for folks to write the lyrics and I go through the ones I can get my hands on and come back to folks and, you know, I plan to keep this going throughout this whole ordeal."

"It first of all goes to show the healing power of music," he adds about the thousands of responses he's been getting. "It shows that kind of community like in those situations before -- like 9/11 or Superstorm Sandy or now this -- this is the time people come together and we shine a light on it and the truth is, little situations like this are happening every day to somebody across the country. This is that opportunity for me to show somebody else we are together."

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