Johnny Depp and Attorney Camille Vasquez Romance Rumors 'Unequivocally Untrue,' Source Says

The speculation has mostly been stirred on social media among ardent viewers of the defamation trial.

Social media can't stop swooning over the possibility that Johnny Depp is dating his sharp-tongued attorney, Camille Vasquez, but ET has learned it's all a figment of the internet's imagination.

A source close to the defamation trial tells ET that rumors that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is dating Vasquez are "entirely, 100 percent, unequivocally untrue." Vasquez, an associate at the Southern California-based firm Brown Rudnick, entered the bright spotlight on Monday when she began cross-examining Amber Heard, and it produced some of the most tense moments since the trial kicked off six weeks ago.

Among other things, Vasquez accused Heard of making up the sexual assault allegations. The attorney also, in point-blank fashion, asked Heard if it was Depp who got her the role in Aquaman. The question prompted a perplexed Heard to respond with, "Excuse me?" before clapping back, "No, Ms. Vasquez. I got myself that role by auditioning. That's how that works."

Vasquez, who was also behind the countless objections while Heard was under direct examination, has gained a cult-like following since cross-examining Heard. One fan tweeted, "Does the courthouse have a coroner on site? Because they're gonna need one when our queen Camille Vasquez is done with Amber Heard and her career praise will be the queen."

Another Depp fan posted a video on TikTok showing Depp looking at Vasquez and smiling as she talked, with "The way he looks at her" text appearing on the video.

Another reason for growing speculation that the high-powered attorney is dating the embattled 58-year-old actor? When Heard was dismissed from the witness stand on Tuesday, court video showed Vasquez giving her colleague a brief hug before she moved a chair out of the way to embrace Depp -- hugging him twice, patting his chest twice and holding his hand. Depp, sporting a huge grin, rubbed her back and kept his eyes on her as she walked away.

Paparazzi got Vasquez leaving the courthouse on Tuesday and a photographer asked her if she's dating Depp. Vasquez, who focuses on plaintiff-side defamation suits, didn't provide an answer, and instead smiled, chuckled and embraced fans.