John Mulaney Recalls Living in Jimmy Kimmel's Guest House After Rehab

The comedian tells the late-night host that he asked to stay in his guest house to 'call his bluff' after years of offers.

John Mulaney found an unexpected refuge. The 40-year-old comedian, who did a two-month stint in rehab back in 2021, found himself in search of a place to live when he came to Los Angeles after getting clean and sober.

On Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mulaney revealed that he spent several weeks in the late-night host's guest house after his time in rehab. Mulaney shared that over the years Kimmel had frequently offered up his guest house for anyone who might need it.

"Most people have homes, so they take that and go, 'Oh, Jimmy, you're a mensch.' I must have filed it away. So I was in rehab, then I was in a sober living situation and then I was coming to L.A. and I called you and I said, 'Hey, I'm between lives. You've always mentioned this,'" Mulaney recalled. "I remember thinking, 'I'm going to call his bluff.' You'd said it enough times. So I lived in his guest house for a few weeks, then another few weeks."

"It was like we'd adopted a son," Kimmel quipped.

Despite his close proximity to Kimmel, Mulaney noted that he "never saw" the late-night host during his time in his guest house.

"I was treated so well. I never saw you, no, I never did. But I'd wake up with a basket of bagels. He was like my sugar daddy," Mulaney joked. "I'd wake up and there'd be money for the day, go buy an outfit. And a nice restaurant-quality espresso machine, not bad. If you're thinking about not having a home, it gets real good over there."

Kimmel admitted that Mulaney "embarrassed" him during his stay by asking to use the gym.

"You're like, 'Can I use the gym?' And I'm like, 'I guess I should maybe be using the gym too,'" Kimmel said, laughing.

Though he had good intentions with the gym request, Mulaney admitted he was out of shape from smoking cigarettes.

"I think I squeezed into your wife's Peloton shoes... I'd start Peloton workouts, and I'd be so winded so quickly," he said, noting that he was self conscious that the Kimmel family would notice his brief workouts. "I kept them playing while I would basically sit on the floor and look at my phone."

Mulaney's stand-up special, John Mulaney: Baby J, was recently released on Netflix, and he talks about his star-studded intervention, which included Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, and Natasha Lyonne.

While on JKL, the comedian, who is open about his struggles with addiction, also talked about his recent set of dates in Las Vegas, noting that he tried to avoid all vices while in Sin City.

"By the third day I was standing in a wet bathing suit, playing baccarat, arguing with the pit boss about whether or not the baby I was holding counted as someone under 18," Mulaney quipped to Kimmel, referencing his son Malcolm, whom he shares with Olivia Munn. "They had rules about who could be on the floor, and I didn't think that my 17-month-old son counts as someone under 18."