John Krasinski On Why Saying Goodbye to 'Jack Ryan' Feels 'Surreal' After Four Seasons (Exclusive)

The actor and his 'Jack Ryan' co-stars spoke with ET recently about the forthcoming final season.

After four acclaimed seasons of spying, fighting and saving the world, John Krasinski is saying farewell to his titular character on the Prime Video series Jack Ryan.

Recently, Krasinski sat down with two of his co-stars, Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly, and spoke with ET's Will Marfuggi about wrapping up the hit show on a high note.

When asked about having to bid farewell to his longtime co-stars, Krasinski got a bit emotional, joking, "See? You're going to make me cry right now. Why would you do that?"

"The whole experience, to be really honest with you, has been surreal. Because, as a kid, Jack Ryan was my favorite character in the books and the movies," Krasinski shared, "and the fact that I got to play him for five minutes let alone five years is amazing."

"It really is true when everybody says it takes a huge group of people to make anything, but to make something good it takes a huge group of talented people," Krasinski continued. "So we had the most amazing crew, writers, producers, and then this cast! We really did create a family on this show."

"These guys are involved completely in my life," he added. "Not just as coworkers, but as real family members, and that is the saddest part about leaving, for sure."

Kelly, meanwhile, echoed Krasinski's sentiments, sharing, "I'm going to miss it a lot, but this is incredible and it's very rare, and so I feel incredibly grateful for what we have accomplished and what we'll have going forward."

For Pierce, getting the chance to tell the story correctly and to go out on their own terms is a particularly special experience.

"You want to go out on a high, you know? You want to bring all the elements together, you want to go out on top," he shared, adding that the show's final season, "is a convergence of all the seasons and all the elements of espionage... the great thing about this season is it adds all those elements at once. It was perfect timing and we hope that all the fans are happy and satisfied."

"I think that it's the culmination of these characters these relationships and bringing it home," Krasinski said. "I think as exciting as the season is, my favorite part was that you end all together and a reflection of how much these guys rely on each other, [how much] these characters rely on each other."

Kelly added that he hopes to keep the connections strong in the future, adding, "Maybe not [on] Jack Ryan, [but] John's a pretty good director, so I'm really hoping he'll direct me in something one day."

On the subject of possible future projects, Krasinski also addressed the public cry from fans for a possible action project in which he could star alongside his wife, Emily Blunt.

"Oh boy, I hope so!" Krasinski beamed, after calling out Blunt's 2014 sci-fi epic Edge of Tomorrow as an example of just one of his wife's indelible contributions to the action genre.

"If you pitch it to her, let me know what she says," he added with a laugh.

Meanwhile, the final season of Jack Ryan debuts June 30 on Prime Video.


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