John David Washington on the Chores He Had to Do After Moving Back Home With Dad Denzel Amid Pandemic

Actors Denzel Washington and son John David Washington attend a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs at Staples Center on December 05, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Living under Denzel's roof comes with some rules.

John David Washington moved back in with his dad, Denzel Washington, amid the coronavirus pandemic -- but he wasn't just there to relax. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live's guest host Samuel L. Jackson on Friday, the 36-year-old actor opened up about the chores he had to do while back under his dad's roof. 

"You really live in Brooklyn, but since the pandemic has happened you had to come back home. So you’re living in the house again, right?" Jackson asked, as Washington confirmed he was "in my old room" for a while. 

Jackson, noting how Denzel likes "some order in the house," then quizzed the Tenet star on what he did to contribute. 

"I can't believe we're doing this right now," Washington said, laughing. "Yes, there was a chore or two. My chore was to make sure I'm down for dinner in time."

Hilariously outraged by Washington's answer, Jackson pushed him further. "That’s not a chore!" he said. "A chore is like sweeping the driveway, taking the garbage out, something that earns your keep."

"How about cooking?" Washington asked. "There you go, I earned my keep that way."

That answer was satisfactory enough for Jackson, who has known Washington for nearly his whole life. "I know you're the grill master," the 71-year-old actor praised. "You got mad, mad, mad grill skills, I gotta say that."

Denzel couldn't be prouder of his son -- for his cooking skills, acting career and more. The Oscar winner made his love for family clear while speaking with ET at the 47th AFI Life Achievement Award gala tribute last year, which celebrated his life and legacy.

When asked what his greatest achievement was, Denzel turned to his wife of over 35 years, Pauletta. She smiled and said, "his four children."

"[Actually] I was pointing to her," Denzel replied with a smile, nodding at his lady love. "That's my biggest lifetime achievement."

In addition to John David, Denzel and Pauletta share three other children: Katia, Olivia and Malcolm. See more on the actor in the video below.