John Cena and Leslie Mann Pick Ike Barinholtz's Nose in 'Blockers' Gag Reel (Exclusive)

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Blockers was hailed as equal parts hilarious and heartfelt -- a sweet story about three parents who will stop at nothing to makes sure their daughters don't make good on their prom night sex pact -- but the bloopers lean heavily into the raunchy hilarity.

This exclusive clip from the Blockers gag reel has John Cena mixing up the sound effects for the different genitalia, cafeteria flubs by the movie's young cast (resulting in Geraldine Viswanathan crying, "F**k my fork!"), lots of indistinguishable shouting and, of course, plenty of giggling. And then there's the moment when Leslie Mann "helps" Ike Barinholtz remove an imaginary booger from his nose.

"Oh no. Oh my god. Oh my god." Barinholtz panics as Mann picks his nose with her pinky finger. "Was there something in there?"

"No," Mann deadpans, at which Barinholtz lets out a relieved laugh and exclaims, "I would have f**king gone home!"

Blockers DVD Artwork
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Blockers' bonus features, available digitally now and on Blu-ray and DVD on July 3, include the full gag reel, deleted scenes and a Line-O-Rama and six featurettes featuring commentary from the cast and director Kay Cannon and a look at the making of the infamous butt-chugging scene.

Here is the official breakdown of the featurettes:

  • Rescue Mission: Being a parent isn't easy, as Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena make abundantly clear. Hear them and director Kay Cannon discuss parental mistakes and lessons learned. They even top it off with a good old-fashioned car explosion!
  • Prom Night: Filmmakers and cast discuss how they achieved the perfect prom look and also share some of their own personal prom stories.
  • The History of Sex with Ike Barinholtz: Ike Barinholtz explains the origins of human sexuality and its evolution through time.
  • John Cena’s Prom Survival Kit for Parents: John Cena shows off a survival kit filled with items that will help parents survive the most stressful time of year - prom season!
  • Chug! Chug! Chug!: The film introduced the world to the concept of "butt chugging." Hear cast, crew, and butt-chugger John Cena discuss how they handled this standout scene.
  • Puke-a-Palooza: One memorable scene involves copious amounts of projectile vomit. See what cast, filmmakers, and crew went through to make sure the puke was as authentic as possible.


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