Jo Koy Reveals How He Makes His Friendship With Ex Chelsea Handler Work: 'It's Not That Hard'

In July, the comedians ended their relationship after almost a year of dating.

There is no bad blood between Jo Koy and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler. On Wednesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 51-year-old comedian shared that it's been easy to maintain a friendship with his ex. 

“It’s not that hard,” Koy said.  

Koy and Handler split just ahead of their one-year anniversary, and he told Clarkson that it’s important for him to set a great example for his 19-year-old son, Joseph Jr.   

“It’s just, especially when you have a kid -- I have a son -- and when you go through a breakup you want to be a role model as well,” he explained. “You lead by example and you don’t want him to do that.” 

Koy noted that he's also still friends with his son’s mother and his ex-wife, Angie King.

“Like his mommy, it’s like we’re best friends 'til this day, were best friends,” he shared. “She lives right in front of me. I have a house and that’s where she lives. She’s got all the keys to my cars, the codes and everything. When I’m on the road I don’t have to worry about anything.” 

Koy added of his relationship with his exes, “It’s healthy. It’s so healthy and it can work. You guys were friends before, you can be friends after.” 

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Since their split, Koy and Handler have had nothing but great things to say about each other. In August, Koy shared just how supportive his ex has been even after their split.  

"It's great. It's always been that way, so it's the next chapter,” he told ET about their transition from lovers back to friends. "We're great friends and that's how it will always be. I'll always champion for her and she'll always champion for me -- and we're gonna win, everyone wins."