Jessica Chastain Reveals New 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Trailer, Teases Mysterious Villain Role

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Fans got a new look at the upcomingX-Men: Dark Phoenix on Wednesday, and the explosive teaser gave a fiery glimpse at the superhero epic.

Jessica Chastain joined Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's Tonight Show, and brought along a brief teaser trailer that revealed a few hints about Jean Grey's (Sophie Turner) transformation into the eponymous Dark Phoenix.

The teaser features a platinum blonde Chastain -- who we've already learned plays a shapeshifting extraterrestrial that goes by the name of Smith -- showing Jean the real extent of her unimaginable power.

"Jean, you're special. And if you stop fighting that force inside you, you will possess the very power of a god," Smith says over a montage of clips showing that the evil force possessing Jean's body appears to be some sort of cosmic entity or energy that took over her mind and body during a disastrous mission in space.

"Are you a scared little girl who answers to man in a chair?" Smith continues, as we see a shot of a very concerned Professor X (James McAvoy) staring at a levitating, glowing Jean Grey. "Or are you the most powerful creature on the planet?"

Jean -- with her face literally cracking and illuminated with raw energy -- then seemingly crushes Magneto's (Michael Fassbender) head in his iconic metal helmet, and it seems like this take of the iconic Dark Phoenix saga might do justice to the seminal comic book source material.

Before airing the clip, Chastain teased her role in the hotly anticipated X-Men project, telling Fallon, "I play this character from another world, and I come to Earth because miss Jean Grey has a power I want to harness for my own uses."

"I get to beat up a lot of X-Men in the movie, and maybe kill some?" Chastain continued, shrugging as if it were a simple rhetorical statement. "I didn't say I definitely do. Maybe someone lives, maybe someone dies? It's an intense movie."

After the teaser, Twentieth Century Fox released a new, full trailer on Twitter, teasing, "This summer, the world will go dark."

X-Men: Dark Phoenix -- also starring Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Evan Peters and Tye Sheridan, and directed by Simon Kinberg -- bursts into theaters June 7.


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