Jeremy Renner Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Returning Home From ICU After Snowplow Incident: 'Lucky Man'

The actor survived a horrible snow plow accident that took place on January 1, 2023.

Jeremy Renner is embracing life and expressing gratitude as he commemorates the one-year anniversary of his release from the intensive care unit after a harrowing snowplow accident on Jan. 1, 2023. 

The 53-year-old actor took to Instagram to share his appreciation for the support that has fueled his recovery. In a heartfelt post, Renner conveyed his appreciation for life, acknowledging the power of hard work and the support of a compassionate community. 

"I was reminded that love, good will, hard work, and a legion of good humans are getting me through every day… thank you, bless you… And as always, I hold my promise to be better, be stronger, and grow to surpass potential," he wrote. "Bless you all ❤️🙏🏼❤️."

The post featured a photo of Renner donning workout attire, exuding positivity as he smiled while carrying a water bottle and tote bag. The actor shared the same image on his Instagram Story, expressing his gratitude for the milestone, prompted by a reminder from a friend.

Renner's followers flooded the comments section, expressing their thanks and admiration for being a source of inspiration. Anil Kapoor, a fellow actor, wrote, "🔥🔥🔥 looking great 🙌🙌🙌 you have inspired the world Jeremy ❤️."

Having endured a snowplow accident resulting in over 30 broken bones and multiple surgeries, Renner has consistently expressed his thanks during his ongoing journey to recovery. Recently celebrating his birthday, Renner shared a heartwarming photo of his 10-year-old presenting him with a cake, crediting her as "reason number one" for his strength throughout the recovery process.

The actor has been transparent with his fans, sharing milestones such as regaining the ability to drive his snowplow and rebuilding his physical strength.

He recently returned to the set of Paramount+'s Mayor of Kingstown for the first time since the accident, and admitted that he was nervous. Renner posted a photo of himself to Instagram in character -- wearing a long black coat over a gray suit and tie -- as he smirked for the camera.

"Day one on set ... nervous today," he wrote in the caption. "Hope this works out that I can ACTUALLY pull this off for our production and more importantly for the fans."

During a live appearance for CNN's New Year's Eve show, Renner told hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen what made him fight to live following the harrowing ordeal.

"I'm just so blessed that I had so many things to live for," Renner explained. "I have a giant family, I have a 10-year-old daughter. I would've disappointed and really messed up a lot of people's lives if I would've passed. There's a lot for me to get better for."

Renner joked that he's "also a pretty stubborn SOB," noting, "There was a lot for me to fight for, and recovery was just a one-way road in my mind."

"My recovery became relief for me, because I knew I could give relief to my family, my daughter, and to all those that I really affected, like my poor nephew, who was there with me on that day," he said. "I gave him images that he can never unsee, but I know that my healing would be healing for him. With that, I'd never thought about my own physical ailments, or my own pain, or my own anguish."

Renner went on to say that he spent New Year's Eve with his family. As for 2024, the actor said, "We have a lot to celebrate this year and kind of re-correct what happened last year. I really feel pretty blessed by it."


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