Jennifer Lopez Says the One Thing She Can Always Trust Is 'Family' (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Jennifer Lopez, Sterling K. Brown and Simu Liu at the premiere of their new film 'Atlas' on Monday.

Jennifer Lopez is looking forward to the future as she celebrates the debut of her new sci-fi epic, Atlas.

ET's Denny Directo was on the red carpet at the Netflix film's star-studded premiere at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on Monday, where he spoke with the trio of stars, including Lopez, Sterling K. Brown and Simu Liu.

"There was a lot of love [on set], man," Brown said, as he was gleefully surprised by Lopez and Liu while chatting with ET.

The trio were all smiles as they reflected on working together and discussed the biggest themes of their new blockbuster sci-fi romp -- including learning how to trust and who to trust.

"One thing you can always trust in [is] family," Lopez said, smiling.

"I'm just gonna say my mama, I'm not even gonna say everybody [in my family]," Brown quipped. "My mama, Aralean Brown, I trust her."

"I would also trust my mom," Liu chimed in, "to always let me know when my hair is wrong or I've said the wrong thing or I look too fat on camera..."

"Is that what mom does?" Brown said, laughing." She comes hard!"

"That's what my mom does," Liu joked.

Lopez spent a great deal of time with her fellow stars during Monday's premiere, and appeared to be all smiles amid recent reports and speculation of trouble in her marriage to Ben Affleck. She flashed her wedding ring as one of her notably accessories. 

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Notably, Affleck did not walk the carpet with her during the event, and a source recently told ET that both stars "are taking a second to figure out what each of them is going through and wants," but that their relationship isn't over.

Meanwhile, in her action-packed new film, Lopez stars as Atlas Shepherd, a brilliant but troubled data analyst in the future, who has a genuine and all-encompassing distrust of Artificial Intelligence. She is drawn into a mysterious mission to capture a renegade robot, and stumbles into a deadly mystery that could impact the world.

This is the latest in a number of action-driven projects for Lopez, and looked excitedly to the future of her career.

"I have a tour coming up in the summer, you know, a couple of movies coming out next year, so I'm excited, it's just like a great time," Lopez said. "Who knew that I would be, like, [an] action hero? With The Mother and Atlas now?"

Apart from starring in Atlas, Lopez's Nuyorican Productions co-produced the film, in collaboration with Netflix, and the actress marveled at what they were able to create.

"Look at this cast here, this diverse cast, I'm very proud of this movie," Lopez said, sharing the moment with her co-stars. "I think, you know, a big action movie, being helmed by a huge streamer, a huge studio like this putting the three of us in it to be the leads? I'm proud to be producing it."

Atlas premieres Friday, May 24 on Netflix.