Jennifer Lawrence Kisses Andy Cohen, Reacts to Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner's Romance

The actress and 'WWHL' host lock lips after she gets jealous he kissed John Mayer on the show.

Jennifer Lawrence is living out a Bravo fan's dream! After she was a guest on Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, things got steamy between Lawrence and host Cohen during the "After Show" segment.

"I'd be totally into kissing you," Cohen told Lawrence. 

"I just feel like you kissed John Mayer, but you never kissed me. He's more your type, I guess," Lawrence said, acknowledging the openly gay TV personality's preferences. 

"I mean, he is but I'm attracted to you," Cohen said. "I'd love to kiss you, consensually."

Lawrence seemed to not realize that the moment was being captured on camera, saying, "You have my consent. Is that gonna be on air? Are we doing it now?"

Cohen burst out laughing as Lawrence leaned in for a kiss, but eventually composed himself and the pair locked lips as the audience cheered. 

"Oh my god, thank you!" Cohen said, laughing. 

"Did it do anything?" Lawrence asked him. 

"Yeah! I'm hard as a rock," Cohen quipped. 

In addition to the sweet smooch with Cohen, Lawrence also weighed in on a new celebrity romance — Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner. Lawrence has been candid about her love for the Kardashian-Jenner family and also co-starred with Chalamet in the film Don't Look Up. Two fans called in asking Lawrence for her thoughts on the unexpected pair, and she joked, "I don't like that he didn't get my permission, but I support it." 

ET confirmed back in April that the A-listers had started dating. Earlier this month, a source gave ET an update on the romance, sharing that the reality star and the actor "like each other and have a good vibe between them."

"They're still taking things slow," the source said of the pair. "She's enjoying this time and seeing where things go. She is being mindful of her kids as her main priority is always being a great mom."

As for Lawrence, she has been married to art dealer Cooke Maroney since 2019 and the pair share son, Cy, 1. Meanwhile, Cohen is a single dad to son Benjamin, 4, and daughter Lucy, 1.

Also on WWHL, the 32-year-old Oscar winner was an open book, and talked about rumors of a romance with Liam Hemsworth that are said to have inspired his ex, Miley Cyrus', hit song, "Flowers."