Jennifer Hudson Addresses Speculation She's on 'The Masked Singer'

Leslie Jordan and Jennifer Hudson
Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

The talk show host was joined by 'Masked Singer' guest panelist Leslie Jordan on her recent episode.

Has Jennifer Hudson traded in her golden GRAMMY Award for a giant golden harp? Some fans certainly think so! The singer addressed rumors that she's joined this season of The Masked Singer during the Monday episode of her daytime talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Hudson was joined by Emmy Award-winning actor and viral star Leslie Jordan, who served as a guest panelist on the singing competition show alongside Joel McHale. Jordan admitted that he developed a crush on McHale while serving as a guest panelist.

"He's nine-feet-tall and I'm standing beside him -- he rendered me mute. I couldn't even speak," Jordan joked.

Hudson shared that she knew fans and panelists alike put her on the list as a potential contestant beneath the Harp mask. The contestant sang PInk's "Perfect" for their first performance and had binoculars, a call sheet listing Harp in a leading role, two bouquets of roses, a person wearing a witch's hat and 3D glasses all appearing in their first clue package.

"This could be Jennifer Hudson," panelist Ken Jeong posed during Wednesday's episode. "She's done everything. But the comedy clue to me -- she was in my favorite movie of all time, Sex and the City."

Speaking with Jordan, Hudson said she would not confirm or deny whether she's in the costume, telling viewers that they have to watch the series since "that's the point of the whole show."

We've been fooled by that before

The EGOT winner has been making her mark as a daytime host since her show premiered earlier this month. The singer recently reunited with original American Idol judge Randy Jackson

Jackson noted that Hudson is "proof" for those trying to make their way in their careers because she never gave up after she placed seventh on season 3 of the singing competition series in 2004. 

"You knew that you had a gift given by God," Jackson said. "I'm probably more proud of you than any American Idol winner because you didn't win! And look at what you've done. That's the thing, keep going and never give up. Believe in yourself and believe in your talent. You did it, you said, 'Look, this ain't gonna stop me. One door closes, five more about to open.'" 

The Jennifer Hudson Show airs weekdays in syndication.