Jennifer Aniston Reveals the Funny Way She Learned About the David Schwimmer Dating Rumors

The reports cropped up over the summer, shortly after the co-stars appeared in the 'Friends' reunion special.

Jennifer Aniston doesn't keep up with the rumors about herself, so much so that when stories came out that she was dating her Friends co-star, David Schwimmer, over the summer, she wasn't even aware. 

The 52-year-old Morning Show star spoke to Marie Claire Australia about how she first found out about the speculation surrounding her friendship with Schwimmer. 

Calling the rumors "really funny," Aniston says, “I was just saying, ‘I hadn’t heard a word of this.’ Honestly. I was getting a couple of texts from people saying, ‘I thought you were on a break, LOL.’ And I kept saying, ‘What are you talking about?’ And then I went online to see what was happening and I was like, ‘That is the funniest rumor that I never heard that got shot down in the quickest amount of time.’”

Aniston recently opened up to ET's Rachel Smith about her reaction to the rumors during a junket for the second season of The Morning Show. 

"That was bizarre. I could not believe that, actually. Like, really? That's my brother," Aniston told ET. "But I understand it, though. It just shows you how hopeful people are for fantasies, for dreams to come true."

Reps for both Aniston and 54-year-old Schwimmer have denied the rumors, which circulated after the co-stars confirmed that they had crushes on one another while portraying Rachel Green and Ross Gellar on Friends.

"The first season, we-- I had a major crush on Jen," Schwimmer said during the HBO Max reunion. Aniston replied, "It was reciprocated." 

"At some point, we were both crushing hard on each other," Schwimmer continued. "But it was like two ships passing, because one of us was always in a relationship. And we never crossed that boundary. We respected that."