Jenna Dewan and Nathan Fillion Dish on Their 'Rookie' Romance (Exclusive)

ET was exclusively on the season 5 set of the ABC police drama.

Nathan Fillion and Jenna Dewan are talking romance on the set of The Rookie

ET was on the set of the ABC police procedural in August, where we caught up with the pair and their castmates to get the scoop on the fifth season. Fillion plays former rookie Officer John Nolan, who is moving closer and closer to becoming a LAPD training officer and is in a serious relationship with Dewan's firefighter, Bailey Nune. 

"There's a lot of twists and turns to come. I feel like every episode I read I'm on the edge of my seat and then I'm like, 'Aw, I get to do that? I get to do this?' It's really really fun," Dewan told ET. "Nolan and I are always up and down. We're kind of on this big, fun, dramatic rollercoaster but there are some really sweet moments coming up, which I was excited to read and to film."

"Bailey has a ton of action-packed great moments coming up, which has been really fun for me as an actress because I feel like I'm a frustrated stunt girl. So that's really fun to look out for," she teased. "I don’t know how they do it, but every season they continue to top themselves with all the fun writing and twists and turns, so it's exciting."

Fillion shared that though Nolan's professional life is a little topsy-turvy at the moment, Bailey is his one bright spot.

"If one part of John Nolan’s life is going right and well and smoothly, it is the Bailey aspect of this life," he said. "They’re not without their arguments and their different perspectives on things, but they seem to get together very, very well. That’s actually the one part that’s going smooth[ly]."

But romance isn't all that's keeping The Rookie gang busy. Season 5 has no shortage of action scenes requiring stunt work by Fillion and the cast.

"It gets easier and easier the more scenes I have Dave Jr., my double, do. I'll look and say, 'How far are we running? Where's Dave?'" Fillion joked.

Eric Winter revealed that he's mistaken for a cop in real life "a lot," sharing that he's "gotten us out of situations with people trying to cause problems. I'm not even supposed to be doing it! But I've walked over and said, 'Listen, you stop making so much noise while we're trying to shoot something.'" Co-star Melissa O'Neil chimed in with their typical response, "'Yes sir, absolutely.'"

Meanwhile, Mekia Cox shared that a man once came up to her asking if he was in Los Angeles. When she said yes, the man seemed disappointed and confused as he stormed off. "Apparently he was in the wrong city!" Fillion recalled.

The Rookie airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.