Jenn Tran Freaks Out After Ryan Reynolds Reacts to 'Bachelorette' Premiere

'The Bachelorette' star Jenn Tran previously told ET that Ryan Reynolds is her celebrity crush because he's 'freaking hilarious.'

Jenn Tran is in fangirl mode. The Bachelorette star hilariously freaked out after Ryan Reynolds addressed his thoughts on the reality show's season 21 premiere.

The 47-year-old actor took to Instagram to post an ad for his upcoming Marvel film, Deadpool & Wolverine, which aired during Monday night's broadcast of the hit reality franchise. The spot aims to win over viewers in the "Bachelor Nation" demographic by cheekily highlighting co-star Hugh Jackman's backside, with Reynolds -- in character as Deadpool -- declaring that "18 to 49-year-old women are a super important demo for us." 

Reynolds took it a step further, offering a detailed review of Tran's Bachelorette debut

Jenn Tran appears in a press image for 'The Bachelorette.' - Disney/Ramona Rosales

"Everyone seemed to like the Deadpool Bachelorette spot last night but can we talk about the episode?" Reynolds began his caption. "Thought Jenn made some strong choices, except for sending my countryman Brendan packing. Marcus is easy on the eyes, Grant was a little much and the day trading thing, but I get it. Two Sams will get confusing so slightly leaning towards Sam N. Jenn's mom might have been the highlight and Melbourne, Australia, felt like a Hugh shout out so bit of a lowlight there. Overall, great start. What was I talking about again?" 

Tran, 26, responded by sharing a screenshot of a text exchange with someone who sent her Reynolds' post. Her all caps reaction included a direct link to "Blake's husband's post," referencing Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively

"SHUT THE F**K UP RIGHT NOW," Tran texted her friend in the screenshot. 


The exchange continued with Tran saying she was "SO UNWELL" and declaring her life to be "FAKE." 

The person on the other side of the text message apparently was tickled to see that Reynolds was a fan of Tran's mother. 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds attend the Met Gala in 2022. - Photo by Gotham/Getty Images

Tran added to her post a comment, reading, "Mainly freaking out bc no way @blakelively didn't watch WITH deadpool." 

She added, "@vancityreynolds your 18-49 demo has been reached." 

Jenn Tran reacts to Ryan Reynolds' shout-out on Instagram. - Jenn Tran / Instagram

The situation marks something of a full circle moment for Tran. In March, ET's Denny Directo asked her which "celebrity crush" would most embody the type of man she was looking for on the show

"I love Ryan Reynolds because he's freaking hilarious," she told ET at the time. 

But, there was a catch. 

"If we're talking like, build and his character on the show, Chris Evans," she added, ultimately giving the final metaphorical rose to the Captain America actor. 

"I laugh every time he's on screen," she said of Evans. "Actually, I take it back. It's just Chris Evans." 

Chris Evans arrives for a special screening of Netflix's film 'The Gray Man' on July 18, 2022. - Monika Skolimowska/picture alliance via Getty Images

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters July 26. Meanwhile, The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.