Jeffree Star Gives a Tour of His Makeup Empire and Reflects on Growing His Brand (Exclusive)

The YouTube star and cosmetics mogul opened the doors of his sprawling company to ET for a full tour.

Jeffree Star is opening his doors! The cosmetics mogul recently gave ET a tour of his makeup empire and shared some insight into his products and his future plans.

ET's Denny Directo recently spoke with the 35-year-old YouTube superstar at his offices in Chatsworth, California, and he took cameras on a tour of his offices and his entire cosmetics company.

Walking into what he refers to as the "archives," which contains all the different cosmetics lines produced by his brand -- and prototypes that never saw production -- Star admitted that he still gets emotional sometimes reflecting on how his enterprise has evolved.

"It feels like yesterday that I launched three lipsticks shades," Star said. "Now, we're about to be seven years in November."

Star gave a full tour of the expansive facility, which includes warehouses, a cold room for storage, offices and cubicles for his sizable staff of employees -- all of which lent to the scope of endeavor and how much its grown over the past few years.

Star recently bought a ranch property in Wyoming, where he's been spending a great deal of his time, and he admitted that moving out to the rural countryside allowed him to escape a creative rut he'd been dealing with.

"So, I was going through a creative rut and I actually have never told anyone that before," he shares. "Last year, I went through a little creative slump for the first time in seven years and I was like, 'Whoa, this is crazy.' And there was just so much happening. I think that my brain just went, 'What's next?'"

"That re-sparked everything and I got to just reset my brain and then we've already created everything up until 2023," he continues. "So, I'm on a streak right now. I'm on a creative streak."

Check out the video above for a full tour of Star's growing business empire.



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