Jean Smart on Getting Her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and 'Really Great' 'Hacks' Season 2 (Exclusive)

'I'm very humbled, very flattered,' the actress told ET.

Jean Smart is adding another feather to her cap. On Monday, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce awarded the 70-year-old actress a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an honor, she told ET, that ranks "incredibly high" on the list of her career accomplishments.

"It's funny because I never get nervous at the award shows or anything when I'm working, but I was so nervous today. I was shaking and... I couldn't remember my speech," she said. "It's a thrill."

The achievement is one Smart wishes her parents could've been a part of. "I so wish that they could be here," Smart told ET. "My mother would've absolutely loved this. She would’ve been just thrilled."

Smart was joined at the ceremony by two important people in her life -- her kids, 13-year-old Forrest and 32-year-old Connor, whom she shares with her late husband, Richard Gilliland.

"It's a permanent thing," she said of the star. "My kids will see it and hopefully some grandkids. It's just amazing. I'm very humbled, very flattered."

As for how her kids reacted to her honor, Smart said that they were "pretty thrilled" and "really proud" as they listened to gushing speeches by Designing Women creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Hacks star Hannah Einbinder.

"I'm sure they were listening to those very, very flattering speeches and thinking, 'Really? You're talking about Mom?'" Smart quipped.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The honor comes ahead of the season 2 premiere of Hacks. Smart won last year's Lead Actress Emmy for her performance on the HBO Max series.

"It's at least as funny as the first season," Smart promised of the series' sophomore season. "I'm thrilled. Second seasons are notoriously dicey because everyone’s kind of expecting you to prove yourself if the first season was a hit, but boy, did they come up with the goods, the writers. It's really great."

The first two episodes of Hacks' second season will premiere May 12 on HBO Max.