Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Get Even Darker in 'Ozark' Season 2 Trailer -- Watch!


The Netflix series returns Aug. 31.

Things are getting a little complicated on Ozark

Season one of the Netflix drama left Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrd (Laura Linney) in a bit of a pickle as their way out of the cartel's tangled web was crushed by a partnership gone wrong -- but where there's a will, Marty will find a way. 

The first trailer for season two debuted at Netflix's Summer Television Critics Association press day on Sunday, and while the Byrds finally seem to be on the page and putting up a united front in season two, it isn't easy.  The stakes get even higher, but the Byrds don't back down. 

"There is no off-season," the trailer teases. Watch below.

The cast opened up about Ozark's second season at TCA on Sunday, where Linney teased Wendy's increasing involvement in the family business. 

"She's a very instinctive person, she's shrewd and she's smart... She's so effective but her decisions can be questionable at at best. And really, everything stems from survival," she said, praising Bateman for allowing Wendy to take those leaps -- and allowing her as an actress to "really go to town." 

"I think there's just respect across the board," she added. "We all feel like we fell into a pot of honey." 

"We're just all very close, and in a weird may, for me at least, it feels like we're coming home," Julia Garner, who plays Marty's ambitious associate Ruth Langmore, added. 

Bateman, meanwhile, addressed comparisons between Ozark and another show depicting "the plight of an ethically-challenged middle aged white guy not making great calls all the time" -- Breaking Bad

"We feel fortunate any time we hear that. Obviously that show can’t even be touched," Bateman, who also serves as executive producer, revealed, before noting they're "not trying to replicate what they did." "If we get half way to their quality or longevity [we'd be very happy]."

Ozark season two premieres Aug. 31 on Netflix. See more on Bateman in the video below.