James Van Der Beek's Kids Watch 'Varsity Blues' and They Can't Get Over Their Dad's Accent and Cursing

Varsity Blues
Getty Images / Handout

The father of four's family movie screening didn't go as planned.

James Van Der Beek's children were not too impressed with one of his most popular films. 

While quarantining with his four kids, the 43-year-old actor decided to have them watch his 1999 high school football flick, Varsity Blues. Turns out, his children are some of his harshest critics, his son, Joshua, especially. 

The 8-year-old was quick to note that his dad says "sh**" in the movie, which his father quickly instructs him not to say. "I thought I was showing them the two minutes that was appropriate to show them," Van Der Beek quipped on his Instagram Story. 

Joshua also was not impressed with his dad's accent in the teen drama, and let him know it, even doing a little impersonation. 

Van Der Beek even had to apologize to his love interest in Varsity Blues, Amy Smart, after his son wasn't into the scenes with the girls either. 

"We love you, [Amy Smart.] He just thinks all girls are yucky right now," Van Der Beek wrote over his son's reaction.


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