James Corden Reveals the Thing He and Orlando Bloom Drunkenly Shouted at Ivanka Trump

James Corden
The Late Late Show

All three of them recently attended Misha Nonoo's wedding.

Host James Corden was in the hot seat during Wednesday's night's game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" on The Late Late Show. Though he was playing with guest Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was Corden who had to own up to some embarrassing questions and answers during the gross-out game. 

To avoid eating the bull penis, Corden had to reveal what he talked about with Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, at the recent wedding of British designer Misha Nonoo

"This is bulls**t, because I know who writes these questions!" Corden declared, looking off-camera accusatorily at his staffers. 

But nevertheless he launched into the story about attending the weekend event, which also featured guests like Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Katy Perry. 

"I was a little drunk. And I was with Orlando Bloom, who I think was equally if not slightly less drunk than I was," Corden recalled. "We were stood at the bar and Ivanka was also at the bar. I can't 100 percent remember it, but I remember that we were quite drunk and we started going, 'Ivanka, you can do something! You can do something! You can make a difference! You can make it better.' I remember Ivanka was going, 'I'm trying, I'm trying!'"

Corden added that he forgot about the incident until the next day when he came face to face with Ivanka once more. 

"I'd forgotten all about it until I saw her across the garden and it all came back," he noted. "And she just said, 'I bet you've got a headache this morning.'"

Corden has not been shy about disagreeing with President Trump on many of the day's issues on his show. He even did a sketch the same night called "Subpoena the Teenage Witch" with Sabrina star Melissa Joan Hart, joking about issuing subpoenas to members of Trump's inner circle.