James Corden Addresses 'Spill Your Guts' Backlash, Says 'Late Late Show' Will Update Segment

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts
Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images

James Corden is responding to the criticism surrounding his popular segment, "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts." The gross-out game has been a regular staple on The Late Late Show and features celebrities being forced to answer tough or embarrassing questions or eat a variety of foods. 

Numerous A-listers have taken part in the segment, including Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian West, Cher and more, and the foods are meant to disgust the stars, who often react by gagging, spitting up, or loudly complaining about the selection. But TikTok user Kim Saira pointed out that many of the items the show regularly include in the lineup are actual Asian foods and a part of Asian culture. 

Earlier this month, Saira posted several videos, calling the segment "racist af" and asking The Late Late Show to cut it from their lineup. 


ok but this is actual Asian food & youre going on live tv telling people how gross it is. thats cringe

♬ original sound - Kim Saira

many of these foods have been around in asian cultures for thousands of years. sign the link in my bio to take this off the air ##fyp##aapi

♬ original sound - Kim Saira

A Change.org petition to remove Spill Your Guts so far has more than 45,000 signatures. 

A few days after the TikTok videos were released, Corden addressed the criticisms during a June 16 appearance on The Howard Stern Show, saying, "We heard that this was a thing. As you said at the start, we want to make a show that's full of joy. We don't want to make a show that upsets anybody." 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Corden's virtual interview briefly cut out due to connection issues before he returned, saying, "We completely understand. I don't know when we're gonna do that bit again, but when we do we absolutely won't use any of those foods. It's not for us to determine whether somebody's upset or hurt about something. All we can do is go, 'Alright. We get it. We hear you. We won't do that." 

Corden last did a version of the game in March with Chrissy Teigen. Though a few guests tried out COVID-safe versions of the game, it was widely paused due to the lack of in-person guests amid the pandemic. 


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