Jack Black Reveals His Favorite Co-Star and Surprising Hidden Talent (Exclusive)

Black and Awkwafina recently sat down with ET to talk about their new film, 'Kung-Fu Panda 4.'

Jack Black says he has a favorite co-star, and it's someone that fans of The Holiday will be happy to hear about. 

Sitting down with ET for an interview alongside his Kung-Fu Panda 4 co-star, Awkwafina, in which they asked each other questions, the 54-year-old actor had one co-star -- excluding present company -- that immediately stood out among his long list of on-screen companions.

"You know what? The first one that comes to mind -- and I'm gonna say it just cause it's the first one that comes to mind," he said.

"Kate Winslet and I'll tell you why. She was my favorite co-star I've ever had because when you look in her eyes, she was like really present," Black recalled. "I feel like if you look into my eyes, you just see a shadow of a robot."

In the 2006 rom-com, Black stars as a famous music producer in Los Angeles who meets Winslet's character, a U.K. resident enjoying a holiday thousands of miles from home. Throughout the movie, the characters fall for each other in what is now considered a classic for the season. In fact, just last week, the 48-year-old actress told Jimmy Fallon that these days, she is recognized out in public more for the Christmas film than she is for Titanic

"People come up to me in the street more about The Holiday and the episode of Extras that I did than Titanic," The Regime star shared. "I promise you, especially at Christmas."

In December 2022, Winslet also spoke with ET about whether or not rumors about a sequel to the much-beloved film held any water, saying, "As far as I know, it's not true."

"I know, sadly it's not true," she said, adding that "it would be so fun to see Miles and Iris get back together. I kind of imagine, like, how cute would their children be? …Tiny Jack Blacks running around everywhere." 

Aside from his revelation about Winslet during the sit-down conversation, ET also asked Black to dig deep and share a hidden talent that he doesn't often show off. 

"Oh here's one if I have to show you," he said as he rolled back his hands to make them look as though they had disappeared. "It's this thing. Did you ever learn how to do this?"

Awkwafina, clearly confused, looked on and quickly asked her friend and co-star, "What is that?" 

According to the Super Mario Bros. Movie star, the move -- which he calls "magic hands" -- is something he discovered he could do at a very young age. Although, he says it's very important to not just try it without knowing your limits. 

"But you got to be careful you don't -- you don't want to do it if you don't have full extension capabilities," Black said. "I learned it when I was a kid. I still got it."

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At one point in the interview, Black turned the tables on Awkwafina, 35, asking her what she would do if she got to go incognito for the day, resulting in a hilarious exchange between the co-stars and friends. 

"Can I like sneak into people's houses?" she said, prompting Black to point out that "incognito" does not mean "invisible" in this case. 

"I mean, I don't think you could because -- just cause you're incognito doesn't mean you have the power of invisibility," he said as Awkwafina burst out into laughter. "I think it just means you wouldn't be famous that day."

"Oh I’m sorry, I was confusing -- I was confusing the two," she continued, still laughing hysterically.

"You could but I think you would still get arrested," Black said. "In fact, I think you'd be better off going in as Awkwafina cause then you'll be like, 'Hey, famous person sneaking into your house,' and they'll be like, 'Okay.'"

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As for whether or not Kung-Fu Panda 4 will really be the final time the audience sees Po and his lovable crew, Black says he always thinks that he is done but that his love of the franchise brings him back. 

On Sunday, Black talked with ET from the premiere of the new film, and he said that he views the Dreamworks films as one of the best parts of his career. 

"It has been the role of a lifetime," Black told ET at the time. "Playing Po the Dragon Warrior has been a blessing."

Regardless of whether or not he could be talked into another installation, he says that he tends to view each movie as the last and give it his all just in case it truly is.

"You know, I always feel like every adventure is my last and that's -- I think that's my sweet spot for my frame of mind because then I put my whole self into it," he said. "Always rock like there's no tomorrow."

Kung-Fu Panda 4 releases in theaters on March 8.