It's Aaron Eckhart vs. Ben McKenzie in First Trailer for Cop Drama 'Line of Duty' (Exclusive)

How do you stop a killer when millions of people are watching your every move?

Aaron Eckhart's Officer Frank Penny finds himself into quite a predicament in the upcoming cop drama, Line of Duty -- and ET can exclusively debut the trailer.

Not only was his chief's 11-year-old daughter abducted -- and now being held captive in a slowly filling deprivation tank -- but Frank killed the only lead the police had to rescue her. All the while, the brother of the man Frank killed is hunting him, seeking revenge. "A person dies and nobody cares," Dean Keller (Ben McKenzie) says in the preview. "You're gonna know what it feels like!"

To redeem himself and save the girl, Frank goes rouge, but to complicate matters even further, he must enlist the help of Ava (Mad Max: Fury Road's Courtney Eaton), who is live-streaming his every move to millions of viewers.
"Ground rules: You stay out of my way," Frank says. "And you speak only when spoken to."

"But I am filming everything," she replies.

Director Steven C. Miller's Line of Duty also stars Jessica Lu, Dina Meyer and Giancarlo Esposito and is in select theaters and available digitally and On Demand on Nov. 15.


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