Isla Fisher & Josh Gad Spark Dark, Twisted Relationship in 'Wolf Like Me' Trailer

'Wolf Like Me'

The six-episode series is set to debut on Peacock on Jan. 13.

Sometimes, people come into your life in the most unexpected ways. For example, slamming into your car at high speed and almost killing you and your daughter.

In Peacock's new drama thriller Wolf Like Me, Josh Gad stars as Gary, a widower struggling to emotionally care for his daughter, Emma. One day, Isla Fisher's Mary T-bones Gary's car in the middle of an intersection, totaling the vehicle and triggering a panic attack in young Emma.

Mary is able to calm Emma, and soon visits Gary to apologize. The pair seem to spark an instant romance, but Emma, as she explains, "is a complicated person" with "baggage."

As the two are drawn closer together, their pasts and Mary's deeply held secret continue to drive a wedge between them. Gary wants nothing more than to make things work, and ominously admits, "I'm not perfect either."

"It felt like the universe was bringing us together," Mary suggests in the teaser, before a slew of unanswered questions are thrown into the mix:

How did Mary's husband die?

What darkness is inside Gary?

What is locked away in a dark prison-like room that shakes Gary to his core?

This trailer raises more questions than it even begins to address and fans will get a chance to find out the surprising answers when all six episodes of Wolf Like Me debut Jan. 13 on Peacock.