Iris Apatow Opens Up About Her Romance With Kate Hudson's Son Ryder Robinson (Exclusive)

The teens made their relationship Instagram official last month.

Iris Apatow is gushing over her beau! ET's Denny Directo spoke with the 19-year-old daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann and she opened up about her relationship with Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson's 18-year-old son, Ryder Robinson.

"Our families have known each other since we were babies," Iris explained. "I’ve always gone to school with him and I just didn’t really pay him any mind."

As for what made her take a second look at Ryder, Iris joked that "he got cuter," before offering some kind words about her boyfriend, who she went Instagram official with last month.

"He’s an angel. We definitely fell towards each other’s lives at a good moment." she said. "He’s very wonderful and I think I’m very lucky to have someone who cares about me like him."

The teens have both Leslie and Kate on board with the relationship. So much so that the proud moms left supportive comments on their kids' PDA pic, and Leslie told ET that Iris and Ryder's relationship is "so sweet."

"I don’t really date people who my parents don’t like 'cause it becomes too uncomfortable," Iris said. "It just doesn’t work out. It just can't."

Iris certainly has a relationship to look up to, with her parents gearing up to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary later this year. Leslie told ET that she counts communication as the key to a successful relationship, something she and Judd try to impress upon Iris.

"We gave her, like, 10 books about communication. [We told her,] 'Read these. Highlight them,'" Judd recalled, before his daughter quipped, "And then I'd give them back."

The family teamed up professionally for their latest flick, The Bubble, which Judd directed and Leslie and Iris star in alongside Karen Gillan, Samson Kayo, Maria Bakalova and Harry Trevaldwyn.

The movie, which takes place amid a pandemic, follows a group of actors who travel to a closed film set in England to film the sixth installment of a wildly successful dinosaur-themed franchise.

Leslie joked to ET that her least favorite part of working with her husband is that he's "super bossy."

"You don't get a chance to be bossy at home, so then he's just extra bossy [on set]. He makes up for it," she quipped, before he admitted as much, joking, "'Cause they have to listen in a work situation."

Iris, though, soaked up the experience, telling ET, "I think it's a good mixture of what I want to do when I'm older. I think I really have great influences in my family, in what I want to do, which is really special."

As for what fans can expect from the Netflix film, Judd teased, "The whole movie is like a flashback of just being isolated and losing your mind. [It's] what happens when you’re stuck in a space, you're trying to do your job, and you're just thinking too much. And then, eventually, everyone starts doing drugs and having sex with each other." 

The Bubble will premiere April 1 on Netflix.