Snooki Claps Back at Weight Critics: 'I'm Happy With My Body' (Exclusive)

The 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' spoke about her body image to ET after getting candid about her struggles with weight and food.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is clapping back at the haters.

While speaking with ET's Rachel Smith ahead of the second half of Jersey Shore Family Vacation's sixth season, Snooki said she's happy with her body.

"I just feel like there's so many comments about people commenting on people's weight, and 'Oh my god she got so big,' or 'Oh my god he's huge.' It's just like -- it's the center of everyone's attention," the reality TV star shared.

Snooki posted a TikTok last week addressing her weight and past struggles with an eating disorder. The comment that prompted her to speak out came from followers calling her "huge."

"I've always fluctuated with my weight. And after three kids, it's really hard to get back into it unless I'm really working out every single day, no carbs," Snooki, who shares Lorenzo, 10, and Angelo, 3, and daughter Giovanna, 7, with her husband, Jionni La Valle, explained.

"I'm happy with my body," she maintained. "I don't need to be a stick figure you know what I mean?"

Snooki also clarified that she wasn't necessarily healthier when she was at a lower weight.

"Especially when I had Lorenzo, I was working out crazy. I was like 90-something pounds, but all I did was work out. I never had time to myself to indulge," Snooki said,

In another message to the haters, she added, "Just stop making it a thing. If someone's happy in their own skin, you don't need to comment."

In the aforementioned video, shared to TikTok on July 20, the 35-year-old reality TV star opened up about her lifelong struggle with weight, telling her followers at one point she wasn't eating and was even underweight in high school.

"High school -- not great. Wasn't eating. Underweight. Had no energy. It was getting scary," Snooki admitted. "So, high school was not a good place for me with weight."



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The process continued on for years after high school, but when she got the call about Jersey Shore in 2009, everything changed, with the then 21-year-old allowing herself free reign to enjoy herself and not focus on the number on the scale.

"I was like, you know what? I'm going to enjoy my life," Snooki said of her time on the hit MTV series. 

That meant "not worrying about what I was eating. And [no] 'I can only eat at this time,' and 'I can only eat this many calories.' No, girl. I enjoyed myself."

While she admitted that she gained weight while filming Jersey Shore, Snooki said she remained confident no matter her size.

"I feel like I was always confident in my skin no matter what size I was," she said. "I could be a size zero, size five, size eight, and I was like okay because no matter what size I was, I'm confident. I know that I'm beautiful, I’m amazing, no matter what size I am."

She also shared a message to commenters pointing out the normal weight fluctuations people go through and said they're not up for discussion, especially in the comment section of someone's photo. Snooki called the comments "not ok" and said that the hurtful words could be a trigger for some, causing those who have beaten their eating disorder to backslide into those unhealthy behaviors.

"You could put people in a hole again after they finally got out if. So, this video is for everyone out there. Stop commenting on people's weight. It doesn't matter," Snooki stressed. "It doesn't matter if you gain 10 pounds, five pounds, or if you lost 20 pounds. Who the f**k cares? As long as you're a good person and you feel good in your own body. Who cares! So, stop commenting on people's bodies. It's not nice."

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