Mandy Moore Says Son Gus Has 'No Interest' in Seeing Her 'Tangled' Movie (Exclusive)

The little one's favorite Disney movie is 'Cars.'

Mandy Moore's son isn't impressed by her Disney connections. ET's Denny Directo spoke to the 39-year-old actress in support of her project with Purina, and she looked back on her recent trip to Disneyland, where she and her 2-year-old son, Gus, posed with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

The cute moment, which Hilary Duff documented on Instagram, is of note because Moore voiced the princess in the 2010 film, Tangled.

"My son has not seen a ton of movies, but he does love Cars, so that was the highlight of the day," Moore admitted to ET. "He knows two Mickey Mouses, but Rapunzel was just blank. He had no idea. I've asked him to watch Tangled and he has no interest. Maybe one day it will be exciting to him that Mom knows Rapunzel really well, but at this point in his life he couldn't care less."

Gus -- who is big brother to Oscar, 1 -- is likewise uninterested in Moore and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith's, musical talents. That'll certainly be surprising to some, as Moore said she's "always" thinking about releasing new music and Goldsmith leads the band Dawes.

"Gus is really into mom and dad not singing," she said. "[He says,] 'Mama no sing.' I'm like, 'Oh, OK.' Or he'll say that to Taylor when Taylor's playing guitar and I’m like, 'You know people paid to see your dad in concert?' He does not like it. He just wants to hear the original, which I understand."

One thing the whole family can agree on is their love of cats, so much so that they have three felines of their own.

"They are obsessed with my kids. They jump in their crib, they let the boys slobber all over them and pet them," Moore said of her cats. "It's been great, because they're so sweet with the boys. We've been able to actually teach them the importance of being gentle and having gentle hands and stuff, so they're learning how to interact with animals because of the cats."

Now, Moore, who believes that cats helped prepare her for parenthood, is "excited to be a part of Purina Cat Chow’s 60-year anniversary."

"Like many cat lovers, it’s a brand I’ve trusted to feed my rescues, Fig, Peanut and Olivia! To celebrate, Cat Chow... published a book called 60 Stories 60 Years Celebrating the Extraordinary Impact of Cats," Moore said. "It's all about 60 stories highlighting real-life connections that pet owners have with their cats, and how impactful cats have been on their lives, and the remarkable impact they have on all of us. It's really heartwarming."

Moore, who shared her own story in the book's foreword, thinks the book is "the perfect gift for the holidays for any cat lover in your life" for several reasons.

"It's important to me that all the proceeds are benefiting Pet Partners, a non-profit that registers therapy animal teams. It's for a good cause and these stories are sure to melt your heart," Moore said. "... Especially around the holidays, the idea of being able to give back to an organization like Pet Partners that's doing such incredible work for people, really highlighting the important impacts that cats can have, especially in the therapeutic aspects of things is just everything."



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