Inside 'Five Guys a Week,' Lifetime's Social Experiment That's Speed Dating Meets 'Bachelorette' (Exclusive)

Roommates, romance, or both?

Roommates, romance, or both? Lifetime's newest series, Five Guys a Week, may just be as crazy as it sounds! ET's Lauren Zima spoke with three of the women featured on the show to spill all the exclusive details. 

Five Guys a Week, which premiered last week, is a social experiment that combines speed dating with The Bachelorette. Every Wednesday, a new leading lady invites five eligible suitors to move into her home at the same time. Eliminations ensue, all with the goal of finding love. 

Though it may sound like an overcrowded house, the three women -- Joyce, Alexis and Nicole -- all agreed: There are perks to having so many men around at once. 

"I mean, I come downstairs in the morning and one cute guy is making me eggs, another one's getting me coffee and bringing it to me," Nicole said. "Could have gotten used to that real quick."

Joyce was on the same page. "You’re kind of like a princess," she said. 

The women had apprehensions, however. "Well, I am just going to come right out and say it, I thought it was a porn," Joyce said of the first time she heard the Five Guys a Week title. It wasn't until she heard the concept further explained that the appeal became clear. 

For all three women, getting past the initial surprise eventually led to the realization that the five-men-at-once strategy was actually quite effective. "I don't have a lot of time so to meet five guys all at once, it was music to my ears honestly," Nicole said. "They went out, they found men that fit what we were looking for. They even delivered them to our houses. It was a dream come true really."

Of course, not all of the suitors were destined to be winners. Joyce recounted one story in which a gentleman brought along a painting canvas only to reveal later on that he'd spent the week working on a portrait -- of himself. "That is a moment I will never forget," she said with a laugh. 

Well, did the women find love? None of them would spoil the show, but each said that the process worked for them. 

"I would recommend it and I would redo it," Alexis said.

Nicole echoed her sentiment, noting, "The process really works in terms of getting to know people really quick and when you see their routines on a daily basis, you actually get time to talk. There are no devices allowed during this process, so the conversation had flow." 

Five Guys a Week airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.