'In the Fire' Trailer: Watch Amber Heard in Her Final Film Before Leaving Acting

'In the Fire' will hit theaters and be available on digital and on demand Oct. 13.

Amber Heard is starring in one last movie. On Wednesday, the trailer for In the Fire was released, giving fans a peek at the 37-year-old actress' final film role.

"The film is a meditation on the almost supernatural powers of love told through a strong-willed and independent woman at the turn of the 20th century. I feel honored to be part of this labor of love and to be the lead in Conor Allyn’s vision," Heard said of the movie, prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike. "I feel lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing cast. They’re as dedicated and magical as the characters they play."

Heard stars in the Conor Allyn-directed thriller as a New York doctor who travels to a remote plantation in the 1890s to care for a disturbed boy with inexplicable abilities.

As Heard's character begins treating the boy, she ignites a war of science versus religion with a local priest, who believes the child is Devil-possessed and the cause of all the village's troubles.

The trailer comes more than a year after Heard's legal drama with her ex, Johnny Depp, wrapped up. In June 2022, a jury found that Depp was defamed by Heard, while also ruling that Depp was liable for comments his lawyer made about Heard.

Five months later, a source told ET that Heard had left Hollywood behind, and had instead "been living in Europe since her trial with Johnny Depp."

"She feels like she gets more privacy while overseas, likes it there, and is more comfortable," the source said of Heard, who welcomed a daughter named Oonagh Paige in April 2021. "She is treated well and can be more under the radar and just be with her daughter."

Then, in July 2023, a source told ET that Heard had settled in Spain with her daughter.

"She is focused on motherhood and her daughter. She is happy and feels comfortable in Spain," the source said. "She is glad to be settled and is moving forward with her life. She doesn't want to deal with any drama surrounding Johnny or the trial anymore."

In the Fire will hit theaters and be available on digital and on-demand Oct. 13. 


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