How to Watch 'Madame Web' the New Marvel Film Starring Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney

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Marvel Entertainment

We've back in the Spider-Man Universe, but this time with a new character: Madame Web.

First making her appearance in Marvel's Spider-Man comics in the early 1980s, Madame Web is finally getting her screen time. A clairvoyant and precognitive mutant, Madame Web typically appears as an elderly woman on life support. The new film Madame Web is switching things up.

Starring Fifty Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson as Madame Web, now the woman who can see into the future is a young paramedic known as Cassandra Webb. As her powers begin to emerge, she realizes three young women are in danger and that she is the only one who can save them. Madame Web will premiere in theaters on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, making it perfect for an upcoming Valentine's date night.

Madame Web

Madame Web
Marvel Entertainment

Madame Web

While we can't see into the future, we won't be surprised if tickets for opening weekend of Madame Web sell out fast.

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Madame Web has some serious star power in its cast. Alongside Dakota Johnson is Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney, Severance's Adam Scott, American Horror Story's Emma Roberts, The Upshaw's Mike Epps, Napoleon's Tahar Rahim and Instant Family's Isabela Merced.

"When you first meet Cassie, she is a paramedic in New York City, and doesn't really let people in," said Johnson about her character in an ET exclusive interview. "And then, things take quite a turn."

After a near-death experience, the paramedic's power starts to emerge, "When Cassie begins to experience her clairvoyance, she thinks she's losing her mind," explains Johnson. To see how the rest unfolds, you'll have to watch the upcoming film.

When does Madame Web come to theaters?

Madame Web premieres exclusively in theaters on Wednesday, February 14.

How to watch Madame Web:

The only way to watch Madame Web will be to watch it in theaters when it premieres on February 14.

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Where will Madame Web stream online?

While most Marvel films come to Disney+'s streaming service, movies about Spider-Man and the related characters are produced by Sony and can land on various streaming platforms. Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is currently on Netflix while Spider-Man: No Way Home is on Starz, however Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man Far From Home are both on Disney+. Therefore, it's unclear when and where Madame Web will land in the streaming universe, but for now your best bet for streaming all things Marvel is Disney+.

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What is Madame Web based on?

The movie Madame Web is essentially a book-to-screen adaptation of Marvel comic books. Madame Web first appeared in the 1980 comics. The comic Marvel-Verse: Spider-Man & Madame Web, where you can read the stories of Cassandra Webb, is available on Amazon for only $10.

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Watch the Madame Web official trailer: