'How I Met Your Father': See Lance Bass and Joey Fatone Invite Hilary Duff to a Last-Minute Party (Exclusive)

The 'NSYNC members play themselves in the latest episode of the Hulu series.

Lance Bass and Joey Fatone are syncing up with Hilary Duff on How I Met Your Father.

The 'NSYNC members make guest appearances as themselves in the latest episode of the Hulu series, dropping Tuesday, where they encounter Duff's Sophie and Francia Raisa's Valentina at the local bank, and only ET exclusively debuts a first look at their cameo.

In the installment, appropriately titled "Out of Sync," the gang go a day without their cell phones, forced to face the world without help from the internet, which becomes an issue when Lance and Joey spontaneously invite Sophie and Valentina to a party that night at the old bologna factory. This, after the boy banders come up with an impromptu song about Sophie and Valentina being "bankin' beauties."

"I can't believe we're going to party with 'NSYNC at the old bologna factory!" Valentina exclaims, as they celebrate in glee before reality sets in.

"I know, I know, I know! Where is the old bologna factory?" Sophie asks.

"No idea. I thought you knew," Valentina responds.

"Nuh-uh, I didn't want Lance to think we were dumb. I mean, he almost went to space!" Sophie replies.

But they can't exactly Google the location because they're in the middle of a "no-phone challenge." It dawns on them that finding the location of the 'NSYNC party may be far more difficult than they imagined when they realize they don't have the use of their trusty cell phones.

"How did people find stuff without the internet?!" Valentina cries out.

The 'NSYNC members are just the latest stars to make guest appearances on How I Met Your Father, which has welcomed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards, Meghan Trainor, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Mark Consuelos, Clark Gregg, John Corbett and Constance Marie in season 2.

New episodes of How I Met Your Father drop Tuesdays on Hulu.