'Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge' Sneak Peek: Terry Crews Gets Emotional Talking Relationship With His Father

NBC's latest reality competition series premieres May 30.

Terry Crews proved there's more to Hot Wheels than fast cars.

In an exclusive clip from NBC's latest show, Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, the America's Got Talent host appears as guest judge and gets emotional as he sees the work one of the competitors put into honoring his father when reimaging a car for the competition.

"I never really had a good relationship with my dad," Crews says as he eyes well up. "And when I see the emotion, the joy in honoring him in this way, this is what the whole Hot Wheels tradition is all about. Bringing families together."

NBC's latest reality competition series is hosted by Rutledge Wood and will give Hot Wheels super fans the chance to turn a nostalgic car from their past into the Hot Wheels car of their dreams. Each episode will see two teams battle against each other as they use personal stories and pop culture touchstones to create the winning car. 

The winner of each episode will take home $25,000 and the chance to get into the finale, where three lucky finalists will transform another car in hopes of winning a legendary prize -- an additional $50,000 and the honor of having their design made into an official Hot Wheels die-cast car.

Joining wood will be a rotating panel of celebrity guests and the two permanent judges, Hertrech "Hert" Eugene Jr., an influencer in car culture and the drift scene, and Dalal Elsheikh, designer for the Ford Motor Company and Hot Wheels Brand Ambassador.

Ahead of the show's premiere, ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke with Wood, who teased what's to come.

"You know what it's all about? Two people getting the chance to remake a car from their past in just like the glow up that we've all had in real life. They get to transform this into over the top magical, louder than life, vehicles and that's what Hot Wheels is all about," Wood told ET. "You put in your hands, and you imagine you can go anywhere, be anyone, do anything. That's what the show is all about."

He added, "I mean it's it's also something that no one's ever seen before. These two garages are 30 feet away looking at each other so the pressure is real. You can see how the build's going for the other team. They only have a week. There's twenty-five grand on the line. Plus if you make it to the finale, you're going to win another fifty grand and your car gets turned into an actual Hot Wheels die-cast."

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge premieres May 30 on NBC at 10 p.m. est.