Hillary Clinton Shares Surprising Story Behind Her Department Store Wedding Dress

Hillary Clinton
The Drew Barrymore Show/Ash Bean

Hillary and her daughter, Chelsea, were interviewed on 'The Drew Barrymore Show.'

Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show to talk about their forthcoming docuseries, Gutsy, but ended up revealing the funny and surprising backstory behind the dress that Hillary wore to marry former President Bill Clinton.

The Clintons got married on Oct. 11, 1975, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. With just 15 of their closest friends and family as witnesses, the future political powerhouses got hitched in the living room of their home and held a larger reception in the backyard. 

While chatting with talk show host Drew Barrymore, Hillary revealed that she finally said yes to marrying Bill on the third time he proposed, noting, "The third time was the charm." 

Hillary explained, "Here’s what happened, my husband had asked me to marry him twice, and I said, ‘Not now, no.’ The third time was the charm. And then he said, ‘Well, let’s hurry up and do it before you change your mind.’ And so, we said, ‘OK, next Saturday.’" 

In the midst of hurried wedding planning, Hillary had forgotten one pretty important detail -- the dress! 

"Is it true that you went to Dillard’s to grab a wedding dress last minute for your wedding?" Drew asked. To which Hillary confirmed, "Yes, it is."

Explaining the backstory, Hillary continued, "Literally, it was, like, Thursday or Friday before the next Saturday. My mother comes down with my dad and she says, ‘Well, can I see your wedding dress?’ ‘Oh my gosh. Wedding dress. Oh wow, I need one of those.’ And so it was, like, Friday afternoon and we went to Dillard’s and I found my dress."

Chelsea, who clearly has heard this story many times in the past, chimed in, saying, "But ask her how many she tried on." Her mother quickly retorted, "Well, I found what I wanted." 

Drew, being the seasoned talk show host she now is, questioned, "How many did you try on?!

"Only one, I found what I wanted!" Clinton revealed, before telling the above anecdote on her hastily planned nuptials. 

Hillary and Chelsea's interview on The Drew Barrymore Show will air Thursday on CBS.