Hillary Clinton on Kim Kardashian’s Criminal Justice Efforts: ‘Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen’ (Exclusive)

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton spoke with ET at Variety's Power of Women gala on Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton is singing the praises of Kim Kardashian. The former Secretary of State and host of the docuseries Gutsy has nothing but appreciation for the reality star's criminal justice reform efforts.

Hillary and daughter Chelsea Clinton spoke with ET's Deidre Behar at Variety's Power of Women gala in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and the pair opened up on which of the many celebs they interviewed -- as part of their Apple TV+ docuseries -- impressed and impacted them the most.

"Kim Kardashian was unlike anything you've ever seen," Hillary said in awe. "Because she is serious about trying to help people have been been incarcerated unfairly, for too long."

Kim's appearance on Gutsy made headline in August when a preview clip revealed that the reality star and law student actually bested Hillary in a legal pop quiz show-down.

Another guest who wowed the famous mother and daughter was Megan Thee Stallion.

"[She] was so calm and impressive as we were painting with her," Hillary recalled.

"And she also had a lot more talented than we did, which surprised no one," Chelsea added with a laugh.

While the Clintons have been working together on Gutsy, it seems that Chelsea isn't planning on following in her mother's footsteps when it comes to potential political ambitions.

"I think all of us right now are political, especially if you're a woman in America, when we have politicians deciding what's best for our bodies instead of we knowing what's best for ourselves," She shared. "So I think we all are political."

"I have no plans to run for public office, but I care deeply about being an engaged citizen and deeply about insuring that my children have even more rights than I've had," she added.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton's inspiring 8-episode docuseries, Gutsy, is streaming now on Apple TV+.