Heidi Klum Details Her Epic Worm on a Fishing Hook Halloween Costume (Exclusive)

The Queen of Halloween is living up to the title!

Per usual, Heidi Klum pulled out all the stops for Halloween this year. Heidi Klum's 21st annual Halloween Party, sponsored by Now Screaming x Prime Video and Bailey's, returned after a two-year-long COVID-19 hiatus -- and the 49-year-old model shocked everyone by dressing up as a giant earthworm on a fishing hook.

She writhed and wriggled on the carpet, while her husband, Tom Kaulitz, stood on as the fisherman who hooked her (and lost his eye in the process).

"This costume took a very long time," she told ET's Rachel Smith while lying on the ground at Moxy Lower East Side's Sake No Hana in New York City. "It took several months."

Klum said that last year she "wanted to be a tree" but Kaulitz "thought that would be difficult to do, so I started thinking outside the box."


ET's Denny Directo spoke to Klum ahead of the bash, and she teased that her planned costume was going to be "very claustrophobic."

"I don't want to let my Halloween fans down, or myself. Because it's an internal challenge with myself every year to come up with something amazing, something unexpected. I feel like I've achieved that this year, now I just really hope it works," she told ET. "There's never really a trial. There's no dress rehearsal, so, when I do it that day -- it's either it works or it doesn't work, so I hope it works."

She also revealed ahead of time that her look, which we now know to be slimy worm, would be heavy on the prosthetics.

"Having so many prosthetics on, in the past -- you go through waves. There's moments where I'm like, 'OK, I can do this,' and then it's like, 'Oh my God, get it off, get it off!'" she admitted. "'Cause, it's essentially all stuck on you. It's not something you can take off like a hat when you don't feel like it anymore, and take it off -- it's on!"

In addition to the anticipation she felt about her costume, Klum said she was "very excited" about partying the night away in New York City.

"My friends, also from all over the world, come to New York. I love doing this in New York -- I love L.A., I live in L.A., and I've done the party here once, but the thing is, I sit in hair and makeup in my whole look for like, 14 hours to get it done, and then here, people are like, it's 10, 11 o'clock and they're like, 'Yeah, I gotta go night-night, I gotta go to bed,'" she explained. "In New York, they really party, they're up all night, five, six o'clock in the morning -- this is more my speed! And for Halloween, I need a real night out with everyone."



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