Heather Morris Calls Out 'Offensive' Tweet About Late 'Glee' Co-Star Mark Salling

The 'Glee' star didn't appreciate a retweet from her co-star, Kevin McHale.

Heather Morris doesn't appreciate some online hate geared towards her former Glee co-star Mark Salling. The 33-year-old actress spoke out on Twitter on Thursday night after her other co-star, Kevin McHale, retweeted a post about the show's 2010 episode, "A Very Glee Christmas." 

The original tweet noted that the episode came out 10 years ago, and featured images from the episode, including a group shot which covered Salling's face with a vomit emoji. 

McHale didn't comment on the emoji, but retweeted the post, writing, "This album goes hard tho." 

Morris replied to the retweet, writing, "The vomit face on Marks face is offensive."

Salling died of an apparent suicide in January 2018 after pleading guilty to a federal offense of possessing child pornography. 

It has been a difficult year for the Glee cast, who have once again had to deal with tragedy following the July death of Naya Rivera. Rivera died at the age of 33 after a boating outing with her then-4-year-old son Josey. The cast also lost star Cory Monteith in 2013 to a drug overdose. 

ET's Keltie Knight spoke with McHale and co-star Jenna Ushkowitz earlier this month about how the cast has handled the tragedies. 

"We have been through this a couple times," McHale noted. "Shockingly, that doesn’t make it any easier, especially I think with the type of loss or the tragic unexpectedness of it all and again ... all you want to do in these times because we are so close is just be around one another and hug one another and just cry into Jenna's arms sort of thing. And that has been really difficult, but I mean, luckily we did have this sort of... we all, the beginning of quarantine, did start these Zooms and did get close and we were all talking more than we would normally talk anyway, which is still pretty frequent, and even with Naya. Like, she and I were talking more than we had been talking probably for the year leading up to it and so this closeness was there."