Heather Graham, Stephanie Beatriz & Angela Kinsey Cast a Spell for 'Hot Sex' in 'Half Magic' Clip (Exclusive)

Graham also wrote and directed the R-rated comedy, about three friends who 'fight against sexism, bad relationships and low self-esteem.'

Dating in L.A. isn't easy -- which explains why Heather Graham's character turns to witchcraft in the upcoming comedy, Half Magic. In this exclusive clip, Honey (Graham) and Eva (Angela Kinsey) get a crash course in casting spells from Candy (Stephanie Beatriz). Turns out, there are spells for love or work, plus owning your own unicorn and hot sex.

"What do you want to wish for? I carve these candles and cast spells on them," Candy explains. "I don't know if it's positive intention or creative visualization or actual magic, but these spells work for a lot of people. Some of my regulars call me the witch."

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Graham not only stars in Half Magic, but wrote and directed the movie, too. (It's her directorial debut!) She recently told ET that she wrote the script while going through a breakup ("I was really sad and just started writing about all the stupid dating mistakes I had made"), but the R-rated romp is also about something very topical right now.

"I wrote it about being a woman in Hollywood and feeling like you're in a sexist business and just sort of having a sense of humor about that while also commenting on it," she explained. "What it's like to be a woman in a business full of macho a**holes."

Watch the red band trailer for Half Magic:

Here is the movie's official synopsis:

"Three women use their newly formed sisterhood to fight against sexism, bad relationships and low self-esteem. Through embracing their wild adventures, they learn the secret to ultimate fulfillment."

Half Magic is in theaters and On Demand and Digital HD on Feb. 23.


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