Hannah Ann Sluss Compares Peter Weber’s Manhood to This Vegetable

Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber
John Fleenor via Getty Images

'It needs a lot because it's just bland.'

Hannah Ann Sluss is having some laughs at her ex-fiancé's expense. The 23-year-old model appeared on  PodcastOne's Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe and was asked to compare Peter Weber's manhood to a vegetable.

"The vegetable that most represents Peter's manhood would be cauliflower because it has no taste," she said. "Cauliflower needs a lot of flavor. It needs a lot because it's just bland. There's no taste." 

"I was thinking, like, more of a limp asparagus, but cauliflower wins," Bristowe quipped in response.

"Yes, but asparagus is good, though," Sluss replied. "I mean cauliflower's just bland."

Sluss and Weber got engaged during the season finale of The Bachelor, but called it quits shortly thereafter. Weber went on to briefly date his runner-up, Madison Prewett, before deciding to self-quarantine with another contestant, Kelley Flanagan, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I am just kind of like, 'Oh, that's cool I guess.'" Sluss said of Weber and Flanagan hanging out. "... I met Kelley through the show and I'm cool with Kelley. We're not going to be best friends or anything, but I'm cool with her. So it's not like, 'Oh, this was my best friend now she dating my ex-fiancé.'"

"... She's always been nice to me. I'm not gonna be angry about it," Sluss added. "I'm not gonna be angry about it because I'm just glad to be out of it. I'm not missing out on anything." 

While Weber appears to have moved on, Sluss has had some FaceTime dates of her own with someone who she calls the "Mystery Man," though she doesn't plan to settle down any time soon. As for whether she'd appear on Bachelor in Paradise, Sluss hasn't ruled out the possibility.

"I'm just really happy with my life right now and where I'm at and I really  just want to focus on me, and my friends, and my job right now. I don't know," she said. "I would never say never to Paradise, but at the same time I really like my rhythm, like, what I'm doing right now."

As for what she's doing now, Sluss is focusing on herself and her own happiness.

"I can be content on my own. Just completely content with myself and who I am and not needing a person to add to it," she said. "I can be my own rock. I can be my own strength."