Hallmark's 'Ride': Beau Mirchoff Warns 'Everything Comes to a Head' in Season 1 Finale

The actor teases Sunday's freshman finale of the family drama. Plus, ET debuts an exclusive sneak peek!

Hallmark Channel's multigenerational family drama, Ride, closes out its freshman season on Sunday, and everything has led up to this.

The series follows the McMurrays, a rodeo dynasty that goes back a generation, as they struggle to keep their beloved ranch afloat. After the death of the eldest son, each character embarks on a journey of transformation and self-discovery while also uncovering a twisted web of secrets threatening to tear the family and their small Colorado town apart at the seams. In the season 1 finale, titled "Andalusians," the National Cheyenne Rodeo gives Cash (Beau Mirchoff) his final chance to win the Frontier deal. It’s a race against time and an unexpected twist will shock the McMurray family, led by matriarch Isabel (Nancy Travis), to the core. 

"Everything, every storyline, anything that's kind of kicked down the road all meets here," Mirchoff, who plays the McMurrays' middle son, teased to ET ahead of Sunday's season closer. "There's a bunch of shady stuff going on and Cash has to contend with some pretty high-stake decisions. The whole family is forced to come together and either sink or swim. They go through that, for better or for worse. And then every question that's answered poses new questions."

"It's been fun to watch people find the show and gravitate towards it and enjoy it and get something out of it," he said. "Everything's kind of really come to a head for the season finale, so all the storylines are coming together and intertwining and I'm really excited to see what the fans' reactions are."

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ET exclusively premieres a sneak peek from the finale, which features a crucial scene between Missy (Tiera Skovbye) and Cash. The two have skirted around their complex feelings for each other all season long and in the scene, Missy accidentally discovers an Andalusian necklace with her name engraved on it -- reminding her of a wooden jewelry box with the same horse emblazoned on it that her late husband, Austin, once gifted her with. It prompts her to possibly re-evaluate her future romantically as she's caught between a brewing love triangle with Cash and Gus (Tyler Jacob Moore), the son of a rich oil tycoon interested in investing in the McMurray ranch.

"Cash puts himself out there, as does Missy too," Mirchoff hinted at Missy and Cash's potential romantic developments. "And so there's a big moment between them in the finale, a big moment. I don't want to say too much. Unfortunately, I think maybe more questions are posed than answered."

"But I will say, I think it's maybe a surprise," the 34-year-old actor continued. "I think viewers will be surprised with how it ends. I don't think it's exactly what everyone would think. With her choices available, I think it's a bit of a surprise."

Mirchoff, who viewers may be familiar with through his roles in Awkward and Good Trouble, reflected on his character's journey across the 10-episode season, calling it "a pretty good" one.

"He's been forced to contend with himself and his demons and everything that holds him back. He's made some wrong decisions but learned from them. I think in episode 10, he's really in the crucible," he said. "He really has an opportunity; a big choice is up for him. And it's one of those decisions in life where if you know can go one or the other way, it's going to maybe have big ramifications for the rest of your life.

"So yeah, it all leads up to this point. I loved his journey. I thought it was really interesting and really fun to play as a really complicated person trying to... We're all just trying to be happy at the end of the day," Mirchoff observed. "I enjoyed investigating that with Cash. I love that part about acting where sometimes it can parallel your life even when you don't mean it to. But you have to ask yourself the same questions that the character is going through and it always raises interesting realizations for yourself."

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Without spoiling what happens in the finale, there are several loose threads that are left untied and a major cliffhanger in the closing moments that will leave viewers humming for a second season.

"We're optimistic. How can they not? The show's great and fans love it. I mean, let's go, Hallmark. Greenlight this baby," Mirchoff said of a possible pickup, sharing that he and the cast are gathering at Travis' home to watch the finale Sunday. 

"And I feel like the show is really starting to figure out what it was by the end. It takes shows time to find a stride -- most shows," he added. "I think season 2 would be just great. If we realize what works, what doesn't and we really go after the drama and really, really get to dive deeper, it would be fun. I love the show, I love the world. I think Hallmark has to do it. Come on, Hallmark, pick it up. Let's go!"

The season finale of Ride airs Sunday, May 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.