Groom Reacts After Going Viral for Spraying Bride With Champagne at Italy Wedding


Cole Hennessey and Kristal Kim's Italian wedding wasn't without controversy.

A groom is taking heat on the internet after a seemingly spur of the moment decision on his wedding day. Earlier this month, Cole Hennessey and Kristal Kim tied the knot in Lake Como, Italy, but it was after they exchanged vows that the real fireworks began.

In a now viral video, the original of which has since been wiped from TikTok, Hennessey and Kim celebrated their newlywed status in front of friends and family as he popped a bottle of bubbly.

All was well initially, but when Hennessey turned the champagne spray to his new wife, the people there in person -- and the new onlookers on the internet -- had some big feelings.

"come on man. like. no," one person tweeted in response to the video, with another adding, "If my husband decided to give me a champagne shower on my wedding day, he'd be in that lake."

"Wheeww the meltdown I would've had 'THE WEDDING IS OVER' as I storm off talking s**t bout how much we paid a photographer to not use their a** the whole time cause now I'm wet and sticky from champagne ON MY WEDDING DAY," another person chimed in.

Meanwhile, in the clip itself, one off-camera woman can be heard saying, "No! Not on her," before encouraging, "Spray him! Spray Cole!" 

While many may be livid on Kim's behalf, the bride was all smiles the rest of the video, allowing Hennessey to pour champagne down her throat, giggling at her groom's behavior and even spraying him with champagne.

It seems all is well between the newlyweds. On Thursday, Hennessey took to his Instagram Story to share a smiling selfie with his wife, alongside which he wrote, "Day one of honeymoon: I'm getting canceled on the internet for having fun [with] my wife."

Kristal Kim and Cole Hennessey smile for a selfie on their Italian honeymoon. - Instagram / Cole Hennessey

He poked fun at the incident again on Friday, sharing a photo of Kim smiling as she held a bottle of champagne.

"Honeymoon day two: more champagne," he wrote.

Kristal Kim poses with a bottle of champagne during her honeymoon in Italy. - Instagram / Cole Hennessey

Watch the video below for celebrity wedding news.