George Lopez Chases a Vigilante Across the Border in 'No Man's Land' Trailer (Exclusive)

Jake Allyn, Andie MacDowell and Frank Grillo co-star in the modern-day western.

George Lopez, Andie MacDowell and Frank Grillo grapple with the fallout of a deadly conflict on the border in the modern-day Western No Man's Land, and ET can exclusively debut the trailer.

The drama stars Jake Allyn as Jackson Greer, the son of a so-called border vigilante (Grillo) who accidentally kills an immigrant boy crossing through the family's ranch. With the authorities after him, Jackson flees to Mexico where he becomes the outsider, evading both the law and the cartel as he searches for salvation for his crimes.

"With No Man's Land, we aimed to give a voice to people on the border who don't often get one, regardless of which side they were born on," Allyn, who also co-wrote the movie, tells ET. "I'm incredibly proud to portray a character that starts with a narrow perspective and then not only physically crosses, but emotionally gets to see and understand life on the other side."

No Man's Land is directed by Allyn's brother, Conor, with a cast that includes Jorge A. Jimenez and Esmeralda Pimentel. MacDowell plays the mother of Allyn's character, while Lopez co-stars as the Texas Rangers pursing Jackson. Watch the trailer above.

"To do this alongside iconic actors George Lopez, Andie MacDowell and Frank Grillo, all of whom come from their own different backgrounds and experiences with physical and emotional borders, is an experience that not only changed me as an artist, but also as a person," Allyn says.

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No Man's Land is in select theaters and available on demand on Jan. 22.