Garth Brooks Teases a Possible Return to His Alter Ego Chris Gaines

Garth Brooks Chris Gaines

In 1999, the country singer released an album under the fictional rock persona Chris Gaines.

Chris Gaines might be making a comeback! In 1999, Garth Brooks released an album under the fictional rock persona Chris Gaines so that he could explore other music genres beyond country -- but he seems to have kept his alter ego in the '90s.

On, the 58-year-old singer was asked during a joint interview with his wife, Trisha Yearwood, about Gaines and if fans could ever expect to see him return. "Oh, I don't know. I do think that would make 2020 complete," Brooks quipped.

Yearwood chimed in, "I vote for it! I vote for it!"

She added in praise of her husband, "I am for it. I love that record. I love that record."

While there's no Gaines music in the pipeline, Brooks does have a new album, FUN, coming out on Nov. 20 that will feature several duets, including one with Yearwood, and the newly engaged Blake Shelton.

Brooks also teased that another collaboration on the album will "blow your mind."

"If you’re a country music fan, you love this artist," he said excitedly.

The couple also revealed that they recorded their cover of A Star Is Born's "Shallow" for the fans who loved their version, and were asked if they'd ever consider covering Lizzo, seeing as Yearwood is such a fan of the artist. 

"I don't think you want to sing 'Truth Hurts,'" Yearwood said to her husband. "If it's something like I can do just two lines and get out of the way, then yeah," Brooks replied.

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